The Bizarre Dragon Quest Battle Road Victory Controller Approaches!

For the Wii owner that demands an authentic Dragon Quest Battle Road Victory arcade experience at home, controller maker Hori offers this elaborate and very expensive... thing.

The new controller, seen here in its conceptual form, replicates the controls from the arcade version of Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road II Legend, coming to the Wii as Dragon Quest Battle Road Victory this year. Two big buttons and one sword hilt give you the feel of the arcade at home, while the required buttons and analogue sticks act as a possible/ridiculous replacement for your Wii Classic Controller.

The wacky Dragon Quest Battle Road Victory controller won't come cheap. Hori's pricing it at $yen;12800, which translates to about $US140.

Dragon Quest Battle Road Victory Gets a Special Controller [Andriasang]


    lol I just don't get it, what is the appeal? Its like a oversized fighting stick

    Looks like something that will quickly join the pile of useless plastic peripherals we all have stuffed in the corners of our living rooms.
    ...or some kind of bizarre WOW sex toy... *shudder*

    Apparently if you can pull the sword from the base, you'll be the next King of England

    I STILL don't 'get' what the miniaturised sword hilt is for...

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