The Car Dashboard Of The Future – A New Place To Play?

The Car Dashboard Of The Future – A New Place To Play?

The same kind of touchscreen-controlled, widget-enabled technology that lets us customise and personalise devices like the iPad and Android-powered phones could be coming to your car dashboard. Naturally, we’re thinking “So, what kind of games can we play on it?”

The New York Times’ Wheels blog takes a look at one offering from Cisco that promises a “fully customizable, upgradeable, personalised dashboard” for future cars. The tech sounds iPad like, with much of the standard applications in tow—GPS, weather info, and access to media, news and such. Surely, a version of Foursquare for cars would be an obnoxious hit.

While the prospect of actually playing video games on your car’s dashboard sounds like a concept fraught with danger and unwanted liability, the possibilities for turning your drive into a game could introduce fun to the more mundane side of driving. Achievements for hypermiling, leveling up one’s car through maintenance and, hey, maybe even multiplayer racing in the real world might make for a good time.

If we’re going to eventually score points for brushing our teeth, why not driving? Let’s capitalise on the fear of embarrassment of our Farmville crops withering into something that matters.

Cisco’s touchscreen tech on the dashboard isn’t anything new, as production cars and concepts like Chrysler’s C200 employ such displays. What will make it fun are the apps.

David Evans, chief futurist at Cisco, says the company’s product isn’t ready for production yet, at more of the possibility stage right now. “It’s a platform for discussion,” Evans says. Fair enough. Let’s discuss it.

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  • I’d be more worried about the sun shining right on that chromed steering wheel into your eye! It does look pretty damn cool though. Skinable car dashes FTW. 1 more reason to win Powerball.

  • Achievements for hypermiling, lol. This would just be mean a major increase of accidents from people looking at FB.

  • Leveling up your car through maintenance, sounds more like a marketing gimmick.

    I lol at the fact that this dosn’t take into account the number of people who get into car accidents by being distracted by their phones, even on hands free. The future sounds more recklessly dangerous than the present.

    However a car that can drive itself on preset roads such as in iRobot is a good idea.

  • I think it’s greatest poential could be found in tracking fuel efficiency, driving consistency, distance travelled with more than one occupant, achievements for driving safely and efficently to encourage people to drive smart.

  • “Daniel has just taken the exit onto roe highway via great eastern hwy! – via facebook for ford.”
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