The DS Is About To Become The Biggest-Selling Console Of All Time

The DS Is About To Become The Biggest-Selling Console Of All Time

The PlayStation 2 deservedly holds the record as the top-selling video game console of all time. It won’t, however, hold the record for much longer.

Because the Nintendo DS is nipping at its heels, and despite having released five years after the PS2, will – barring an unforseen disaster – overtake Sony’s console towards the end of the year.

“The NDS is approaching the PS2 as the best-selling hardware system of all time”, says The NPD Group’s Anita Frazier, “and by October or November of this year, it should meet or exceed the install base of the PS2.”

As of March 31, the DS had sold 129 million units.


  • NDS is a handheld, not a console. You’ll only need 1 PS2 to play 2 player game, but you’ll need 2 NDS to play 2 player game.

  • I’ve always found this comparison unfair, in that there was one feature set for the PS2 and PS2 slim, I could understand the DS and DS lites numbers being added together.

    But the DSi I consider a new device, with a new feature set.

    Maybe you could include all the original PS3’s with PS2 capability in the PS2 number as well.

  • Well everyone knows the DS only sells so well because of how easy it is to pirate for it. I would like to see some figures on how well games sell on the DS compared to other consoles.

      • Brenton, like I said in my comment, the DS is as easy as getting a SD card, loading games onto it, andthen placing it in a caddy-cart.

        Pop it in, play the games.

        So sure, you personally may not have a clue, but to anyone with google, an ebay account, and $40 worth of hardware, its cake.
        It shouldnt be this way, and in a better world it wouldnt be this easy.. but like I said, this has been nintys calling card for the past few gens.

  • Stop defending the PS2? Really?

    I never purchased one MYSELF. I got the Xbox and have NEVER looked back. But i still had access to one.
    And it was seriously… actually IS seriously probably the best console to be released since the fourth generation onwards.

    It improved on everything that made the PS1 so great itself. Yeah the Xbox was more powerful than the PS2 – but the PS2 catapulted the Playstation brand and image into more than just a household name.

    You would be playing a Nintendo or even a handheld and someone would say “Get off that playstation” cause well, what else was their?

    EITHER WAY: The DS is a handheld. Its smaller and cheaper. Easily replaceable with a newer model and easier to break aswell.
    Not only that, the DS has gone through HOW MANY changes and prices?

    The PS2 had 2 models. PS2 and PS2 Slim. Thats all.

    The title still belongs to the PS2. End of discussion!

    • That’s great but your opinion doesn’t reflect or have an impact on sales levels. Let the Sony love affair end and move on with reality and life.

  • The achievement here is that it will become the Biggest-Selling console, not the most well known.
    Also like MikeZdoesit said, personal preferences and opinions are not the deciding factor here.

    The term “video game console” is used to distinguish a machine designed for consumers to buy and use solely for playing video games and regardless of revisions a DS is still a DS and plays DS cartridges, just like a PSP Slimline is still a PSP etc etc.

    It is a console, it looks like it is going to pass the PS2 in total sales, and you can not change those facts regardless of what company you choose to support. If you do not like Nintendo or you cant sit on the sideline and appreciate something a rival company to your preferred has achieved then perhaps you need to ask yourself why you read and left a message on this article to begin with 🙂

    Congratulations to Nintendo on an obvious job well done with figures like that. It will be interesting to see if they can manage to catch up to the PS2 in total sales as it was a remarkable system for its time and is the one to beat as far as sales goes! Good luck to them!

  • I think it sold well for a very similar reason to other ninty consoles in that they dont care about devs profits and make the majority of their money through hardware and gimmicks.
    This is something spoken about by lots of devs, some who wont play nintys games anymore, of paying premiums to make games in ‘their’ formats only to have platforms that are so easily pirated they might as well fly a flag.

    The DS is no exception, grab and SD chip and a blank cart and youre set to go.

    I know heaps of people who do this, or homebrew, which is great for end users with ability to customise a product you bought, crappy beyond crap for devs not making hardware.

    There are emus for pretty much every single Ninty device out, all run hella more efficiently then any other platforms, they demand having bite sized games(easily ripped and transferred), and work off business formulas that push hardware and devices over software.

    Good for you ninty, fighting the good fight all the way!

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