The Father Of The Xbox Leaving Microsoft?

Say. It. Ain't. So. Reports indicate that J Allard, a driving force behind the design of the Xbox (and the Zune) is leaving Microsoft, after his latest dream project was binned by the company.

Having been the former pin-up boy of Microsoft's video game console, especially in the lead-up to the launch of the Xbox 360, Allard - sorry, Dr. Allard - has recently been working on the Courier, an amazing tablet computer concept that was one of the coolest things coming out Microsoft in years.

The Courier project was recently cancelled by Microsoft, however, and a report on ZDNet claims that having had serious disagreements with Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer over the potential of the device, Allard is now on "sabbatical" and "is unlikely to return to Microsoft".

If true, this is a shame. Not just because we used to hide outside his house and steal hair clippings from his trash, but because the guy made a massive contribution to the video game industry, and that kind of insight will be missed by many, not least Microsoft.

Where in the world is J Allard? [ZDNet]


    I can see why MS binned the idea, after all, who would want a super slick slim touch screen pad that oozes style, function and portability.... I mean, after all, the iPad is doing sooooooo bad in sales and popularity...

    ..... ummm, wait a sec.....

    MS seem to be a real mess.

    I dunno what their structure is like as a company and their international counterparts etc... but they just seem a hot mess.

    Zune, Windows Mobile, Game Studioes etc... all things MS have branched off to succeed and develop in - but they just lack inspiration and marketing and well attention to those areas unlike Xbox & Windows which receive all the love.

    That is understanding, its what brings in most of MS' money. But seriously... only NOW are they taking Windows Mobile seriously with 7.0 update, but time will tell how much they market it, how much love they give it and how much they try upon its release.

    Zune will be lucky to see a release outside of the US. The most we will get is the Zune Marketplace. Zune 2.0 had potential, heck Apple copied its design for their next annual upgrade for the nano. Zune HD has/had even more potential but we all know how that has turned out so far.

    Game Studios - well they closed Ensemble so we know their reputation. They don't give enough time to first-party titles. Does MS not know first-party titles and exclusives SELL consoles? Decent ones anyway. You may own Halo now... but you need MORE than Halo.

    Just - they need 'executives' for each department. I'm not entirely sure but I would assume they give multiple titles to singular persons. Its like OUR Federal Government where one person is titled the Minister of three freaking departments.

    This is all just me speculating, but either way, MS are a mess with things OTHER than Xbox and Windows. It's a shame cause thing they have attempted and are attempting have a chance at success - they just don't receive the love other brands do.

    I totally would have bought Courier.

      MS were definitely onto something with the courier. Apple missed the point with the iPad and MS could have cleaned up. the device was all creation which is the opposite to the iPad, yet the top 5 apps on the iPad are creation and not consumption apps.

      MS knew the potential and Apple misjudged it, but what does it matter... apple could sh!t on a piece of aluminium and it would still outsell everything else.

        I have to argue with you here, while some might say Apple could release a shitty piece of aluminium and people would buy it... equally if Apple released the most genuinely practical, useful and revolutionary piece of tech... just as many people would dismiss it as a piece of aluminium that someone had cleaned up dog shit with... what justification would they have? The white apple logo on the back... you get me?

        Think about it bro, you're pretty biased, it works both ways... I hadn't even heard about the Courier before now, but my first thought was iPad with two screens.

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