The Forgotten Sands Opening Cinematic Is Quite Memorable

The Forgotten Sands Opening Cinematic Is Quite Memorable

If this opening cinematic for Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands doesn’t get you excited about the game’s May 18 release, nothing will.

Now this is how an epic action-adventure game should start. Mysterious beauties in pools of water, large-scale battles filled with warriors in exotic garb, flying balls of flame, buildings toppling, and lots and lots of jumping; this trailer has it all. The Prince might be looking less Persian and more like a refugee from a Conan novel, but when has the Prince ever really been Persian? In the original game he was a tan blond man. I’m not saying there aren’t tan, blond Persian men running around, but they aren’t exactly common either.


  • Hooray for good voice acting

    Boo for wide conan-face. I think the key is in making it less square. Looking back at the original Sands of Time cover, I can’t help but feel we’ve taken a step in the wrong direction.

  • Stunningly rendered
    Expertly Executed
    Accurately Voiced
    Copious Action
    Movie Like Drama and spectacle
    Ginormous golden masked villain cutting a swathe through his enemies

    That opening scene could sell the game to me alone…….. if the game is actually as good as the cinematic.

    I’ll certainly be looking more into this game as it gets closer!

  • What they don’t show is his 5 attempts at getting that last jump right, and that he had to keep using the dagger.

  • I’m still dazzled how he can do a roll on his back so graciously … with such a big sword in his back …

    Will check out the game … Once I’m done with RDR

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