The Future Of Video Games, As Imagined By An '80s Cartoon

Something happened in the mid-'80s that forever shaped the way I thought video games would be when I got older. And that something was this scene from the Japanese animated series Macross.

Screened in the West as the first chapter of Robotech, this sequence shows a video game arcade of the future as imagined by the show's creators in 1982. That future was 2009-10, so this is nice and timely!

I love how arcades are still not only deeply relevant, but a hub of the entertainment industry, attracting crowds of people of all ages and professions, as well as both genders. They're even a great place to meet hot alien chicks!

Note also the fact that the arcade has a "big screen", where the game of the moment can be broadcast live across the entire building. I always thought, especially once I got a bit older and the Street Fighter craze hit, that this would become commonplace in arcades across the world. Guess not!

One thing I do think this show got right is the game itself. While the first stage is a cute homage to the games of the "time" (ie the 80's), the second, where they engage in full-blown, 3D holographic combat, blew my mind when I was little, and even now, still looks amazing.

"3D" screens do nothing for me. It's a clumsy, and expensive, fudge. But the prospect of something that can actually project true three-dimensional objects in a three-dimensional space? That shit sounds amazing. And while the creators of Macross may have been a little premature in thinking we'd be playing games like that within twenty years, it's a place I still hope gaming can get to in the next twenty years.


    god i loved that show, brings tears to my eyes

    I still have to watch this, is it any good?

    I've watched Macross Frontier, and I loved every moment of it.

      That really depends on if you can tolerate how... well... 'old' it is. The artwork etc is prehistoric, but if you're the sort of person who can get over that and enjoy the show for what it is, it's fantastic.

    I don't even have to watch the clip...max sterling and miriya face off in a holographac battleoid death match....mnax pwns her in the face

    Its a pretty funny contrast to the scene in Back to the Future 2.

    "You have to use your hands? Its like a baby's toy!"

    *looks at Wii, PS3 Move and Natal*

    Guess they got it wrong.

    I am totally obsessed with Macross Plus, but can't remeber Robotech properly!

    Which one is the man?

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