The Greatest PC Games Of All Time (According To 2010)

The Greatest PC Games Of All Time (According To 2010)

Readers of PC Gamer, one of the last bastions of the specialist press for the platform, have been voting on what they think are the best 100 PC games of all time. And the results are in!

The results of course skew towards more contemporary titles, and as such serve more as an illustration of the taste of the time than of all time, but still. Interesting reading!

I find it strange that there’s not a single Civilization, X-Wing or X-Com game in the top 10. I also find it strange that Modern Warfare 2, perhaps the antithesis to all that is good about PC online titles, ranks so highly. Oh, wait, did I say strange? I meant depressing. Depressing.

I’m going to completely spoil things by showing the top 10 here, with the full 100 available over at PC Gamer.

1. Half-Life 2
2. Fallout 3
3. EVE Online
4. Deus Ex
5. Team Fortress 2
6. Modern Warfare 2
7. Oblivion
8. Dragon Age
9. Half-Life
10. World of Warcraft

PC Gamer Readers’ Top 100: 20-1 [PC Gamer]


    • Well, you might not be a fan of World of Warcraft, but if a game can manage to charge $20 a month and have 10 million players almost six years after launch, I think it deserves a spot.

      However, MW2 is a different story.

  • That list is just terrible. MW2 shouldn’t even be in the top 1000, let alone top 10. While i like EvE online, Team Fortress 2 and Fallout 3 i probably wouldn’t have put them in the top 10 (maybe Fallout 3 in 9th or tenth but not EvE).

  • my personal best PC game ever is Diablo 2, i got it in 2002 and i stil play it today, i’ve been through the story mode probably over 50 times Its rare for a game to still be so playable after so long.

    Also MW2 as the 6th best game? strange.

  • A poorly executed list based on sales figures and not substance. And Half Life 2? Never understood the obsession. Bought it when it came out years ago, got my first taste of steam and thought for such a huge development cycle it lacked anything that made the original such a stand out title. Yay for physics but what about game play and an engrossing story? (you may of like it but I didn’t for all the reply I’m going to get) Not to mention the lame vehicle sections and the abrupt and shallow ending.

    • i must say that most games these days have abrupt and shallow endings all meant for the next game unfortunatly valve seem to have got sidetracked into doing absolutly anything else

    • I think the votes speak for themselves, it wasn’t just about the use of physics (though the stability of the engine is a reason why it is still used today) the sequel created a completely new atmosphere in the beginning of the oppressive Combine which were caused by your actions in the first as the final boss in the first alludes to. I just thank god MW2 isn’t No.1 and its nice to see EVE beating WoW.

  • Haha, wow this list is terrible. I’m guessing this list was voted on by teenage adolescents. Happy to see the classics like Deus Ex and HL1 make it up there but the rest (with the exception of maybe HL2 but not at number 1) are not top 10 material. modern warfare 2 being on there is just a joke and shitting on everything PC gaming stands for.

    • I’m also quite happy that Deus Ex got up there. COD clearly deserves no mention whatsoever, let alone MW2. Fallout 3 I think was a really good game with a few disappointing flaws that marred it rather badly. I would happily argue that it is a good game, but I don’t think even I would say the top 10. At the very least Fallout 2 would have to beat it out.

      I’m also surprised at Dragon Age and Oblivion. Dragon Age seemed ok, but Oblivion was a game that had a few cool features but a poor game built around them.

  • The inclusion of Modern Warfare 2 automatically disqualifies this list from being taken seriously. Modern Warfare was a modern classic, no pun intended. MW2 was not only little more than MW reheated and made sillier, it also did a lot of very stupid things such as removing dedicated servers because Infinity Ward and Activision felt like saying “fuck you” to the entire PC gaming crowd. The only reason ANYONE could put MW2 ahead of the original is if they’re going solely on sales, and quality by popular vote isn’t worth shit.

    Can millions of gamers possibly be wrong? Of course they fucking well can, don’t be so bloody stupid!

  • I want to try and convince myself that the list is in reference to the “best profitable games” but it just isnt working for me. I mean hl2, oblivion and hl were awesome because of the story line and the fact that you could mod the fuck out of it. MW2 and WoW are just wallet vampires

  • Why is Half Life 2 on that list the game is terrible. It felt like I was playing a map editor rather then a game. Grabing turrents or draving vehicles and not seeing your hands grab them sucked. The story wasn’t told well and the distance between each objective was crazy. Also it was filled with annoying enemys like the head crabs and those flying robot things.

    My list would of been (in no order)

    Donkey Kong Country
    Mass Effect
    Mass Effect 2
    Dragon Age Origins
    Pokemon Silver/Gold/Crystel
    Age of Empires
    Super Mario World
    Left 4 Dead

  • I think the pcpowerplay top 100 pc games is one of the most accurate, especially over time.

    At least they justify their top ten, instead of relying on votes as the be all and end all.

    Just because something is popular, doesn’t make it the best.

    Look at the Wii.

  • I really feel Half Life 1 was substantially better than HL2. As much as I love both games, the atmosphere in HL1 remains something I’m yet to experience since. But hey, I can accept so e put HL2 above it. But MW2. They put MW2 above Half Life 1!? That’s incomprehensible!

    What a terrible list. PCPowerplay made a pretty controversial list for the decade but nothing like this.

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