The Highlights And Lowlights Of The Halo: Reach Beta

Bungie said goodbye to the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta with this highlight package of the best, brightest and baddest - with an acknowledgement of some of its own glitches - seen during the 17-day test. The game returns September 14.


    hahaha. Really shows off what I enjoyed about the beta, so many "OH SNAP" moments that make you want to play 'just one more round'...

    I only got around to playing an hour of the Beta but it was BRILLIANT.

      You're damn right it was. I was one of those freeloaders playing on the free weekend; i only played on the 'Grab Bag' game mode/selection and one round of Generator Defense (weren't there any Aussie's playing invasion??), but boy was it fun. Your 'taster/beta' has left me with high expectations for Reach -don't let me down Bungie! :D

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