The Last Man To Play Halo 2 On Xbox Live

It is Apache N4SIR. Nearly a month after Microsoft shut down the original Xbox Live, he was one of the Noble 14 who kept their connections running. Their numbers slowly dwindled, and today, he was the last Spartan standing.

At 4pm US Pacific Time (9am AEST), Agent Windex and Apache N4SIR were the last ones left connected to Halo 2 multiplayer - a link kept alive since midnight of April 15. Though Microsoft attempted to lure the Halo 2 diehards away with Halo: Reach beta codes and a pat on the back they stayed in until they got the boot. But then at 4.21pm Agent Windex sent this message to the Bungie forums:

I just got kicked off guys.

Good Job Apache, your the last one.

As of 7pm US PDT (noon AEST), Apache N4SIR was still in Halo 2 (see screen) - doing what, who knows. Apache N4SIR had been streaming his play, and now, without an opponent, wondered what he should be doing. Someone suggested beginning the campaign - but not beating the final mission, as it would sign him off.

Others asked that he capture himself signing out of the game and post the video to YouTube. I'm not sure what kind of signoff he could give to do this game justice. It should be something epic. Maybe something along these lines.

The Final Few: Our Story [Bungie Forums]


    The last man to play Halo 2 online... ever. He must feel like Will Smith in I Am Legend except he KNOWS there arnt any others.

    That didn't last very long.

      He has remained connected for almost 1 month after the game was "switched off". That means no disconnecting at all. No dropped internet connection, no overheating xbox etc. Tell me how that's not a very long time?

      Unless you are on a really stable cable connection, most people's internet connection will drop out within less than a month. Most of the time you probably wouldn't even notice it. So that in itself is a decent feat.

    Wow that's awesome. Kudos dude.

    It would have been an interesting feeling knowing you are the last person to have ever played something as groundbreaking as halo 2. Kudos man :)

    I am an xbox fanboy most of the time but have never liked Halo. Still really appreciate what these guys did. I just think it is a fitting send off to the game. Awesome work guys!

    Well it says joinable...but alas.

    Congrats. No way my internet connection would last a month without a drop out. :P

      Mine doesnt last a night without at least a small one.

    He's off D:

    They need to put an Easter Egg reference to this guy in Halo Reach.

    your the last one (sic)

    It's almost cute how endearingly geeky/heroic these guys are. Like a nerd's 21 gun salute.

    After reading this, I thought I'd check my own Internet connection, and it's been active for 15 days, so it can happen!

    Meh. It's microsoft. You paid them for a service, and they shut it off. Congrats on being a diehard fanboi.

    He apparently just got booted off the sever. So ends Halo 2 (at least on the xbox - the PC version live on through Games for Windows LIVE).

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