The Last Remaining Tecmo Bowl Player Just Retired

The Last Remaining Tecmo Bowl Player Just Retired

Classic football game Tecmo Bowl was first released on the NES in 1989. It had real players, who you probably presumed had all retired years ago, but no. The last one only hung up his boots last week.

That man was Jeff Feagles, a punter for the New York Giants, who at the ripe old age of 44 decided last week that 2009 was his last year in the National Football League. Beginning his career with the Patriots in 1988, he would go on to play for the Eagles, Cardinals and Seahawks before spending the final seven years of his career in New York.

It means that the original Tecmo Bowl, a light-hearted and highly-exploitable version of America’s biggest sport, is now 100% obsolete. The 2009 season began with three Tecmo Bowl players still active on an NFL roster, with fellow specialist John Carney at New Orleans and future Hall-of-Famer LB Junior Seau at the Patriots, but those two retired at the end of the year, leaving Feagles the last man standing.

The Official End of the Tecmo Super Bowl Era [NBC]


  • @chewblaha 300+ straight games in the nfl not a milestone? you need to think about that, each team plays 16 games in the regular season, the maximum amount of games you can play in the post season is 4 and the pro bowl makes a maximum of 21 games a season. So even if you made the play-offs every year it would still take a minimum 15 seasons to rack up 300+ consecutive NFL games

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