The Mechs, Battleships And Sleeveless Shirts Of Gears Of War 3

Those details from Gears of War 3 were just the start. There are pictures to go with the info, too, of robots, lady soldiers and even some hot nautical action. Here they are!

I know, I made a Waterworld gag, but in all honesty I like the premise of that movie, and I like the potential it has for this game, giving it a different look and feel to the last two titles.

[via AGB]


    Hmmm I HOPE the storyline is better...

    Gears 2 lacked a decent plot - but at the same time, i liked the whole idea of working towards something. Saving the colony and the humans.

    Pushing yourself and working towards flooding the freaking Locusts.

    This just screams "Going to find my father but Locust are there"
    Of corse i'm probably wrong - but i want an excuse to kill them besides the fact that it feels gooooood doing it.

      I don't usually expect too much from you Jay, but even for you, you missed a *lot* of what was happening in the Gears 2 plot. I just hope they explore some of the interesting directions the story could take, rather than stick with the whole "American" thing and continue to display the humans as the undisputed heroes.

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