The Memo Lies: What You Won't Be Seeing At E3

The latest in an increasingly hilarious string of faked memos on E3 line-ups currently filling our in box.


    I laughed.

    I wish this were actually true. A new Day of the Tentacle, Skate or Die AND Choplifter?

    I need to have a sit down...

    A new ballblazer would blow my mind, but I was kinda hoping for an Atari revival and Necromancer 3D!

    "Super Hyper Turrican"

    ...I wish.

    Impossible Mission Next!

    Glorious it would be! :D

    Add Beach Head 3 to that lineup and I'll be there for the midnight launch, money in hand.

    Any chance we could get the rest of these memo's?

    No wonder J Allard got the sack.

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