The Most Provocative Movie Of 2010 Is Now A Flash Game

The Most Provocative Movie Of 2010 Is Now A Flash Game

The Human Centipede could be the most disgustingly appropriate movie video game ever created. Warning: Content probably not safe for anyone.

The Human Centipede (First Sequence) is a horror film by Dutch director Tom Six, in which a German doctor dreaming of creating new species kidnaps three people and joins them together, mouth to anus. That winds up looking something like this:

I won’t spoil the film for you, any more than your imagination already has.

As attractive as it is to see three people acting as if they are part of one long digestive tract, I prefer shooting them as they angrily seek revenge from the top of the screen in I-Mockery‘s Human Centipede: The Game, now available for play at Flash game website Newgrounds.

Rather than worry about the science involved with having one person eat for three, Human Centipede: The Game simply takes the game Centipede and replaces the normal enemies with strings of naked, crawling humans. You play Dr Heiter, defending yourself against your rebelling creations, the police, scalpels and syringes, and a world that doesn’t understand your brilliance. Your only escape from the relentless assault is glasses of water, filled with roofies, which only serve to slow your enemies down.

It’s not easy being a mad scientist. I’m not sure if the movie got that point across, but the game certainly does.

Human Centipede: The Game [Newgrounds – Thanks Tom!]


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