The Most Useless Zombie-Fighting Weapons Of Dead Rising 2

The Most Useless Zombie-Fighting Weapons Of Dead Rising 2

Dead Rising 2, like its predecessor is a video game that offers players the opportunity to re-kill zombies with dozens – hundreds? – of common and uncommon items. I recently tried to find the worst weapons in the game.

Author’s note: I was playing a pre-release demo of Dead Rising 2 under the supervision of personnel from the game’s publisher Capcom. The weapons described in here may be horrible, but there is still a chance that there are even more useless weapons to be found in the game.

You may or may not know that Dead Rising is set in a casino, our playable hero at war with a shambling horde of zombies. You may now conclude, armed with that information, that poker chips are an item in said casino, and that poker chips are high on the list of Worst Weapons To Use Against Zombies.

Let’s get it on the list:

Poker Chips: These things are horrible at re-killing zombies because all you can do is flick a few at the men and women who, revived from death now want to eat your brain. Sure, Dead Rising 2 lets you do that when you’re taking a break from smashing a roulette wheel into other zombies, but what hope does one man have against the zombie masses who apparently see no value in and feel no pain from the hurling of poker chips of any colour? None.

This casino has a mall, and casino malls can be counted on for selling useless items, such as giant dice, which in fact have the use of bowling over zombies. These stores also might include water guns. Back to the list…

Super Soaker: A pump-action watergun can squirt some H2O in the direction of deranged Dead Rising 2 zombies, but it stops their slow attack about as well as the power of positive thinking. I had great fun shooting water at zombies while telling the Capcom developer with whom I was playing the game that I was clearing the way for him. But I was really doing nothing useful. I was told the water gun can be combined with other item(s) to make it an actual useful weapon – maybe a flamethrower?

The casino of Dead Rising 2 includes giant teddy bears, which were useless in my guy’s arms. I was going to put these man-sized plush bears on the list, save for the fact that a Capcom guy delightfully cheered when another person playing the game was able to kill a zombie with a stuffed bear. I don’t know how they did it, but I will trust them.

Foam Finger: Stuffed bears may have secret zombie-fighting potential, but I believe the red foam fingers do not. They have zombie-slapping potential. That is all.

The toy helicopter that hovers in the air and makes noise does not go on the list. Its sounds attract zombies, and, if you attach blades to the rotors, it will chop them up. The guitar does not make the list, nor does the guitar-plus-amplifier combo which debilitates zombies via power chords. Definitely off the list is some Tesla ball of electricity that bowls into zombies and spreads a sparking charge through a crowd of them. I thought a golf club might go on the list, but you can actually drop a ball and swing a shot – the iron’s shot takes out a clutch of zombies. Vinyl records? Useful as projectile weapons, fired right out of their sleeves. Skateboard? Tricky to control, but good for mowing down.

In the 20 minutes or so I played of Dead Rising 2’s latest demo I guess I did find more useful than useless weapons with which to conquer the undead. The game’s out at the end of August. At that time I will search for more useless weapons, because I don’t plan to play Dead Rising 2 as a horror game but as a comedy. That’s right, right?


  • I wsa thinking holy water from the casino’;s in house chappel in the super soaker.

    All I am waiting for is the dirt bike from the demo with two chainsaws attached to the handle bars!

    Looking forward to this one. I loved he last one, but only rescued 3 people and gave up because of the STTOOOPID AI. There would be swarms of zombies and I would have to go backwards to save them, when they would not even attempt to fight for themselves… Also hated the timed aspect so looking forward to some gameplay fixes…

    • If you feel like replaying the original Dead Rising there are a few things that help smooth over the rough patches*.

      1) Use LT+Y (I think that’s the combo) to tell the AI where to go. Its still pretty dumb but it works a lot better than just relying on them to follow you. With the slower ones you just have to suck it up and hold their hand/carry them.
      Keep an eye out for safe spots where you can dump them while you clear a path.

      2) Give them weapons. Most healthy survivors can use guns and baseball bats pretty well.

      3) Go into settings and change it so the default aiming direction is ‘camera view’ instead of ‘player view’. This makes it so when you’re aiming the guns/camera it starts in the position the camera is facing instead of the pretty much random direction Frank is facing. Guns still aren’t very fun/useful but they work a lot better when you can aim them.

      4) Use books. Earlier on they’re not great, but later on when you’ve got the extra inventory space you can make some really powerful combos with them (my mini-chainsaw lasts something like 1,200 swings instead of the default 28).

      *You’ve probably heard them already, but its a great game with a few basic flaws that ruin it for a lot of people, so I like to make sure as many people as possible know how to get the most from it.

      • Personally I’d be a little harsher on it than you, but I do agree that there is almost a good game under there. I personally can’t stand escort quests or time limits, and this game has both in spades.

        For an extra little hint though, you can get some unique items by completing the achievements. There is one which is a special gun, I can’t think of the name of it now, but it basically looks like something mega man would use. It has several hundred rounds, you can get a new one any time you wish in the safe room and not only is it a one shot kill to zombies but it often only takes 2 or 3 shots to kill bosses. I believe you gain this weapon by completing the achievement to kill 50,000 or so zombies.

        • Yeah there’s some cool unlockables. I can’t remember how but you can unlock the entire Mega Man Legends suit to go with the “Real” Mega Buster. The Real Laser Sword is meant to be god-like but I’ve never used it. I’ve got a Plasma screen and don’t want to burn the HUD into the screen by playing for 14 hours straight to unlock the achievement it comes with.

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