The Next (Next) Generation Of PC Graphics

The Next (Next) Generation Of PC Graphics

Crysis may have been the benchmark for PC graphics in 2007, but as we power on into 2010, it’s looking a little long in the tooth compared to what’s coming in the future.

This demo, for PC benchmarking tool 3DMark, shows what’s possible with new DirectX 11 technology, which should start to see some more widespread use throughout the year as a new generation of graphics cards (and XP users upgrading to Windows 7) take hold of the market.

While it’s a dedicated demo – meaning as far as current games and graphics cards go it’s fantasy – it should give you an idea of the kind of graphics we can expect from PC games in the years to come.

Show Off: 3DMark 11 [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


  • Looks nice, but graphics on PC still aren’t as good as the benchmarks they were doing in 2005-06… keeping in mind though, actual games need to concentrate on a lot more under the hood than just the graphics (AI, physics, etc)… this is maybe what I’d expect out of next generation console graphics of they were to ever release the next generation of consoles *cough*thank you Nintendo*cough*

  • kind of sounds like the music from we are soldiers mixed with cast away

    Other then that, i hope consoles get a kick ass graphical upgrade cause pcs have made huge strides within the past few years

  • Looks absolutely amazing.
    Considering how fast PC’s are able to start rendering that kind of stuff at over 60FPS i would expect games to look like that in a few years.

    Im not a PC gamer anymore, but the next gen of consoles will probably have GFX like that. Epic.

  • The problem is that very few game companies will actually be able to afford to MAKE games that look this good… we’ve hit the point where every tiny increment in graphics quality is purchased with a massive amount of money.

    • Err.. developers were sprouting that line long before the 360 and PS3 launched..

      It hasn’t been an issue this generation. The market has grown with the cost..

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