The Only Time You'll Find A BMW At Kmart

Blur comes out next week, and should you choose to pick the game up at Kmart or Sears for some strange reason, you'll find a chromed-out BMW waiting for you when you launch the game.

People still shop at Kmart? I drive by a Sears every once in awhile, but in order to pass a Lmart I've got to drive deep into areas of Atlanta that I shouldn't be driving. Perhaps Activision was surprised as well. It would certainly explain why we're only now finding out about a purchase bonus for a game coming out a week from yesterday.

Still, everyone loves a really shiny car, right? Any one up for a trip to Kmart?


    In Oz you'll find that many of these Kmart like stores have prices lower than that of EB or GAME (or even JB sometimes). Sure you could waltz into EB or GAME with the catalogue and get em to match it but when you're like me and Kmart, Target and Big W are all in the same shopping centre as EB/GAME, may as well go straight to them instead. Granted I've heard EB are willing to beat the price sometimes.

      there's also the problem that a lot of Big W/Target/Kmart stores only seem to get about 5 copies of the big releases in, and the EB/Game stores are going by policy, they can't match if the closest Big W/Target/Kmart is out of stock

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