The Original Prince Of Persia Is Glorious On The iPad

I was delighted to discover this morning that you can buy the original Prince of Persia for both the iPhone and iPad for $1.19 on either system.

Prince of Persia Retro includes all 13 of the original game's levels and you can jump to any of them from the menu.

There are four on-screen arrow buttons for controls, and you tap anywhere else on the screen to use the action button.

The graphics and animation seem fluid and colourful as the original. I've only spent a few minutes playing with it on the iPad, and it's so worth $1.19.


    I sincerely hope not every "game you played 10 years ago, now on iPad" is going to be reported on here.

      Why not? No one's forcing you to open the full articles. Given the vast amount of knock-offs and shovelware in the App Store, I certainly don't mind Kotaku highlighting some of the more worthwhile entries - especially gaming classics like this!

        here here!

    I love Prince of Persia!!! What a great game..
    Haven't figured out how to make him fight on iPad - will try tapping on the screen

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