The PlayStation Move Won't Wear A Condom

For most of its life, the Nintendo Wii Remote has been sheathed in rubber, its native form factor obscured over fears of death and destruction. Sony's Move controller, on the other hand, will breathe the free air.

Raising the prospect of smashed TVs with Sony Computer Entertainment's studio boss, Shuhei Yoshida replied "What's good about the sphere is that it's very, very robust. It's much more robust in terms of protection for the controller and people around it because it's soft. So we don't need a sleeve."

Famous last words, Shuhei. The Move is out later this year in the US, and if Americans are known for one thing, it's lawsuits.

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    Um... does he even realise what the condom was for? Grip, not to protect it from when, you know, it flys out of your hand into the television set...

      I think it was more referencing the fact that, regardless of reason, the Wii remote is covered by a rubbery film, a la a condom.

      Also, this seems awesome. I mean, I never bothered getting the rubber cases for the Wii, but nonetheless :P

      Also, when he says the sphere is not hard... how malleable is it? Is it easy to squeeze, or just rubbery? Curious...

    Say that it's robust when someone has thrown it through a screen.

    The "robustness" of the wiimote meant it survived collisions with the wall, one story drops, and everyone knows wiimote beats window, light, plasma or LCD tv.
    The rubber was a muzzle for ballistic controllers, not a crash helmet.
    Even if the orb is soft, the remote can spin, bringing the side or end into play against big, high def ps3 displays.

    The Wiimote minus the rubber sleeve is not very 'ergonomic', whereas I find the rubber sleeve great for fitting into my hand, like a glove I guess you could say. I could see kids having trouble gripping the rubber sleeve though.

    The rubber sleeve was also great for tossing the Wiimote into the couch when annoyed, as when it then fell on the floor, it wouldn't break :)

    lol in that pi*ture the white orb at the end looks like jizz, *hene the *ondom

    BTW the 3rd letter of the alphabet key isn't working on my keyboard so whenever you see an " * " that's what i mean

    I think any controller, if thrown hard enough will cause damage regardless of what ever "protection" you use... or is this article just supposed to inspire Wii vs PS3 fanboy rage?

    If so then my bad...

    The tie-up wrist strap for the Wii worked rather damn well in preventing thrown controllers breaking anything.

    I never bothered with the silicone covers as they are a nuisance to remove for recharging batteries.

    Do people complain about the sleeve? I've never been worried about breaking anything but I use the Wii sleeve all the time. Its just more comfortable with it on. Its definitely not a bad thing.

    I would have at least expected them to put rubber grips on the side rather than just making a plastic block with indentations. I'm not sure what I was expecting on the Move but now he brings it up it seems sort of stupid not to cover it in rubber.

    The Wiimote sleeve was to improve ergonomics first and foremost, second function is to lessen impact (against your TV), third is to protect the wiimote itself :P

    I can attest that the Move's glowing orb is indeed soft (and squeezable!) Unfortunately I haven't found a strap attached to it yet... That might be more important than the condom actually.

    The 'Move' is like natural selection for stupid peoples' TV's.

    And don't say 'what about the kids who don't know any better??' - they've got your DNA.

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