The Prettiest Gaming Magazine This Month

This is EXP., a new magazine that smartly rejects "the idea that a video game magazine has to be be comprised of reviews and previews of the latest games". What's it do instead? Look pretty, and be interesting.

It's far from the first magazine to walk this path, and it probably won't be the last, but it's definitely one of the better attempts we've seen, comprising not only some attractive pieces of art but also some compelling features, too, like an interview with Scribblenaut's Jeff Luke.

It'll be available "early May" (so, soon!), and for more info, you can head to creator Cory Schmitz's site below.

[coryschmitz, via 4CR]


    No listing on Amazon. Where to buy? Must have!

    Will this actually be available in Australia? or "Available in Australia if you ship it from America" available in Australia?

    Yeah, where can I buy this gem?

    I love pretty and interesting things.

    I don't even remember the last time I bought a magazine but I would definitely be interested in buying this one. I hope it sells well and comes to Australia (if it isn't here already). The scans look sweet and I'm loving the art and style.

    The mountain behind the colossus looks like Cradle mountain , Tasmania. Are there any Taswegans that can confirm this?

      Yay; A good combination between gaming and design.

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