The Real Halo Rifle That Shoots Nerf Darts

This guy has built himself a replica Halo Assault Rifle that not only looks good as a replica Halo Assault Rifle, it's also a fully-functioning Nerf gun.

Moz, from Halo cosplay community the 405th, took a cheap "dollar store" plastic weapon, a Nerf gun and tore both apart. After a paint job, mechanical tinkering and some added detail to the outside of the rifle, it was good to go. It's even got a torch and an ammo counter.

Nerf Ma5B [405th, thanks Tom!]


    So... Much... Want!

    Just think of the chicks you would pull with that thing!


      Yeah, but if you had a tank...

        you can't pick up chicks in a tank

          But the ladies like armour plating

    Not automatic?

    If it's gonna be single shot he should turn it into the DMR.

    This guy is full of win.

    I love seeing all these creative projects (remember the War Machine armour from last week?).

    Actual Epic.
    That is all.

    what guns did you use

    Should sell for $$$.

    Hi Luke,
    I am looking to hire or purchase this Halo rifle for TV Promo shoot on 23/02/11 in Sydney.
    If this guy is interested could he contact me quickly to arrange. 0409 917 020 Jen

    nice gun how far does it shoot

    could you show me how you made that please

    Do u make and sell?

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