The Real Reason Obama Can’t Work An Xbox

The Real Reason Obama Can’t Work An Xbox

The controls? Too complex. As seen on Toby Toons.


  • I’m not really sure why we have American right-wing propaganda on the Australian site. Keep the left-wing propaganda too.

    I’m all for political discussion, but if we could stick to something not brain explodingly biased and at least somewhat related to our continent, that would be nice.

  • There’s nothing “evil” about a cartoon that promotes a restrained state. Calling it “propaganda” is unfair.

    And for that matter, calling “limited government” “right wing” is pretty difficult to do. Yes, some Republicans use “limited government” as a slogan to argue their case but 1) Bush 2 expanded the size of government more than any previous US President, and 2) the social conservatives in the Republican party want more government in “social issues” matters (i.e. more war on drugs, more gay-bashing, etc).

    A truly limited government (i.e. not merely the rhetoric) is called Classical Liberalism (Libertarianism in US terminology), and strictly speaking you cannot call Classical Liberalism either right or left, because they adopt “left” positions on social issues and “right” positions on economic ones.

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