The Reject Pile Of Spring 2010

It was time for spring cleaning in my household, so I am getting rid of these games.

I try to possess as few video games as possible, because it is my dream to only own masterpieces. I haven't achieved this dream yet - hey, I can't bring myself to get rid of Geist, OK? But I did manage to eliminate about a fifth of my video game collection this weekend. Bear in mind that, as someone who covers games for a living, I get a lot of discs sent to me that I would not choose to buy; among those are some I will mess around with and decide to either keep or get rid of.

You may look at this tower of games and find reasons to disagree with me. If you must question my judgment, please consider the following reasons some of these games are leaving the Totilo household:

Some games were made obsolete by their sequels: Viva Pinata, Endless Ocean, Resistance: Fall of Man, Geometry Wars: Galaxies, etc.

Some games I don't care for as much as their predecessors, which I'm holding on to: New Play Control Pikmin, No More Heroes 2, etc.

Some games are duplicates of games I still own: God of War (I have the PS3 collection), Crysis Warhead (I have it on Steam), etc.

Some games are Mario Kart, and I realise that I never play Mario Kart: Mario Kart DS

Some games I like, but really, I'm never ever going to go back to them: Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword, Order Up!, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway, etc.

Some games I tried, I really did, and I just don't feel motivated to play any more of them: Valkyria Chronicles, Rogue Galaxy, Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, Mini Ninjas, etc.

Sometimes I make mistakes: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PC (Whoops! I realise as I write this that I was hanging on to that because it has the Hot Coffee material buried in it; I shouldn't have put that in the stack... it's a keeper, for historical reasons even though I'll only ever play the PS2 version.)

I have other reasons for some of these other games, but that's enough for now.

*Special Asterisk To All This: Either Advance Wars: Dual Strike or Advance Wars: Days of Ruin should have been in this stack, but I can't decide which one to get rid of. I asked folks for advice on Twitter and the response was plentiful but mixed.


    tekken 6 is a definite throw out.
    its a game that requires minimal skill to play
    reason: person who lands the first hit usually wins
    why: juggling
    juggling: the worst concept that was introduced into a fighting game.

      you my friend are a lowly scrub. whos inability to play dictates that the gameplay is flawed.

      but then again, i could be wrong and all those worldwide tournaments, groups, tekken wikipedia etc and thousands of tekken players currently playing worldwide are just really commited to getting that 'first hit'...

        Tekken pales to the point of transperancy in the face of Street Fighter, Virtua Fighter and even Blaz Blue or Melty Blood.

        Millions of people REALLY like a lot of things that are pretty average or even bad when compared to other entertainment.

          Oh come on!

          It's preference. Don't kid yourself otherwise.

          Personally I prefer Streetfighter for 2d and Tekken for 3d.
          I see nothing wrong with King of Fighter, blablue etc.

          Mortal Kombat on the otherhand...

    Hey there, don't just throw it away or sell them to gamestop send Spider-Man Web of Shadows to me!

    Please contact me for mah address. I love spider-man and I would love if you gave it to me.

    Please? I'm seriously asking you for it.

    Woah bumped VC? That's rough....

    If you're looking for a single person to give the entire pile to, I'd be happy to take them off your hands =P

    Hey I will take x-men origins wolverine. I have been after a copy for ages but i can never find a good copy. That would be awesome of you! Thanks

    Bet you didn't predict this would turn into a haggle-fest, did you? ;)

    P.S. I'd love Valkyria Chronicles if you're getting rid of it...pretty please?

    I'd gladly take Jeanne D'Arc off your hands.

    Set up a comp to give them away!!

    I'd take Viva Pinata to see what all the fuss is about!

    i will give you 20 buks for valkryie chronicles you have my email in this post

    p.s. im actually being serious better than getting it off ebay

    i can go higher haha

    i want ratchet and

    ill take resistance too only ever borrowed it

    p.s. what are the realities of any of us actually getting any of your games haha

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