The Satanic Jokers And Laughing Jacks Of Red Dead Redemption's Playing Cards

It appears that Best Buy, and perhaps others, will be giving out these fancy Red Dead Redemption playing cards during the midnight launch of the PS3 and Xbox 360 Western by Rockstar Games.

I love the work on those face cards.

Thanks Best Buy tipster!


    Does anyone know if there's any chance of getting our hands on these anywhere in Australia?

    yeah +1 for australia
    these are hot

    I can just picture a game of hold em' in a shady saloon in the old west being plaed with these. Awesome stuff, How come we dont get these in a collectors edition?

    These put the Bayonetta cards to shame

    If these pop up on ebay i'll be picking some up.

    they look mexican

    I rang an Aussie EB Games and the guy did'nt know what cards I was talking about. This must be an American exclusive. I want these so bad!

    Well, if you want these, it's now up on ebay:

    Yeah, they look pretty awesome (personally, I can't wait for the Fallout: New Vegas CE playing cards), and yeah, they're up on eBay, some sellers selling tons of packs. Being sold by store employees no doubt, who took the cards from their place of employment, and are making ridiculous profits instead of the cards being given out, like they were MEANT to be, to people who go to that store and buy the game. Every pack sold on eBay is a customer not getting their pack of cards.

    The only unfortunate thing about the cards that ruins their "authenticity" is that they're Rockstar branded.

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