The Stars And Surprises Of The Prince Of Persia Red Carpet

Who was at the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time big-time Mann's Chinese theatre premiere in Hollywood yesterday? These folks, among others...

(All pics by Frazer Harrison of Getty Images)

First, we've got the Prince, Jake Gyllenhaal.

Ben Kingsley is in the Prince of Persia movie. Eddie Murphy is not.

When I think Prince of Persia, I think of Jon Voight shaking Tia Carerre's hand while Jon Lovitz stands by.

It's Alanis Morrissette, whose song I Remain is part of Prince of Persia's soundtrack. Who knew?

Sands of Time leading lady Gemma Arterton.

A fearlessly not-tall Seth Green with actress Clare Grant at the premiere for who-knows-what-reason.

Look! A video game person! That's Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner strutting his stuff.


    Really, does Seth Green need a reason to turn up at events like these? He's awesome enough to be welcome anywhere.

    As the voice of Joker in Mass Effect, Seth Green is probably more qualified to be at the release of a video-game-based movie than Eddie Murphy.

    Seth Green is so awesome. He's the kind of guy who bucks convention, look at him wearing Nike's on the red carpet! What a maverick! I can see why you think he's so awesome! Its not as if he's afraid he'll disappear from the public eye completely after another movie where he plays someone in a an awkward situation, describing the situation as though we can't actually SEE it happening and asking "How did I get here?" I mean that kind of thing is just comic genius! The guy has awesome written all over him! Did you see that most recent thing he was in? How did he end up cuddling that gorilla! Jesus Christ, what a COOL GUY!

      My sarcasm detector seems to have found one of those 'special cases'. Maybe I should try that new computer based one just developed?

      It's not so much his movie roles that make Seth Green awesome, but his involvement in various other projects (such as Family Guy, Robot Chicken, Titan Maximus, Mass Effect, etc.).

      Also, Scotty don't!


      This guy, this guy right here. He knows the score.

    Ugh... some of the worst side-boob ever there, thanks Morrissette..

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