The Top 50 Video Game Franchises Of All Time, Voted By Gamers

The Top 50 Video Game Franchises Of All Time, Voted By Gamers

The 2010 Guinness Book of World Records Gamer’s Edition features a list of the Top 50 video game series as voted by the gaming public. Which series came out on top between The Legend of Zelda, Call of Duty and Halo?

Instead of opting to go with game review scores or a board of experts, this year Guinness put the top 50 video games series category in control of the players. A noble sentiment, but one that leads to results that scream popularity contest. For instance, Halo received more than 13,000 votes, putting it in the number one spot, while Call of Duty took second and The Legend of Zelda, the longest-running franchise of the three – took third.

“We decided to take a different approach with this list than we did in the previous edition,” said Guinness World Records Gaming Editor Gaz Deaves. “Instead of asking developers, industry insiders and journalists to rank their favourite titles, we approached a different kind of expert: the players themselves! We are confident that this ‘top 50’ more accurately reflects the tastes of the average gamer and not just the critics.”

Like I said, a popularity contest.

Here’s the rest of the list, from Guitar Hero all the way down to Pro Evolution Soccer.

Guitar Hero (#4)
Metal Gear (#5)
Super Mario Bros (#6)
World of Warcraft (#7)
Gears of War (#8)
Super Smash Bros (#9)
Grand Theft Auto (#10)
Pokémon (# 11)
Resident Evil (#12)
Fallout (#13)
Half-Life (#14)
Sonic the Hedgehog (#15)
Counter-Strike (#16)
Runescape (#17)
FIFA (#18)
Kingdom Hearts (#19)
Final Fantasy (#20)
Pac-Man (#21)
Madden NFL (#22)
The Sims (#23)
Tomb Raider (#24)
WWE Smackdown Vs. RAW (#25)
Rock Band (#26)
LIttleBigPlanet (#27)
Saints Row (#28)
The Elder Scrolls (#29)
God of War(#30)
GoldenEye 007 (#31)
Bioshock (#32)
KillZone (#33)
Skate (#34)
Left 4 Dead (#35)
Need for Speed (#36)
Chrono Trigger (#37)
Gran Turismo (#38)
StarCraft (#39)
Ratchet & Clank (#40)
Pong (#41)
Tom Clancy’s (# 42)
Star Wars: Battlefront (#43)
Battlefield (#44)
Diablo (#45)
Lego Batman (#46)
Mario Kart (#47)
Burnout (#48)
Crash Bandicoot (#49)
Pro Evolution Soccer (#50).


  • EA needs to properly revive the Ultima franchise or give it to someone that will. So depressing to me to not even see it get on to a top 50 list these days.

  • I hate it when polls like this are voted but the public. Things like Australian Idol/SYTYCD and FHM sexiest scream popularity contest and formula goes media saturation + fans + okay game/girl/singer = win. The polls would have shown up a little differently had a Zelda title been released this year.

    • pretty much what i was gonna say. i for one will treat this poll with little acknowledgement. ironic that actual ‘gamers’ disagree with this, though i suppose if halo wasnt number one we’d have just as many complaining about that.

  • This, like most surveys, is ridiculous. If they asked the question again on say… the first of August, you’d see Starcraft in the top five, rather than 39th. And how many South Koreans did they ask?

    And on another note, do WoW and SC really count? One game + expansions does not a franchise make.

    I agree with HK too, but I won’t stop ranting if I don’t stop now.

    • The WoW one likely includes the entire warcraft franchise, just WoW is what everyone knows it as now. So 4 games and 4 expansion, if i’m right that is.

      Anyway though, a series with one game could potentially count, especially one that has a good chance of leading into a sequal.

      Have to agree on the timing thing to, Halo and CoD are constantly kept in the public eye with so many releases and news stories about them, while some of the better franchises on the list, we will only see a new game every 2-3 years.

      I can’t believe stuff like Lego batman made this list, even with it just being a glorified popularity contest.

  • It’s a sad day when you see Halo top a greatest game franchise list.

    Some people must have no taste.

  • Pretty crappy list. Half of them are retarded and shouldn’t even count. Ah well. I don’t really care.

  • I thoroughly disapprove of this list: Not just because of the the order, but because of the ‘franchises’ themselves. Some of them are just games, rather than a part of franchise ie, World of Warcraft as mentioned before. Lego Batman comes under the Lego franchise, Super Mario Bros comes under the Mario franchise, Goldeneye 007 should just be James Bond or 007. There’s no Tetris, which is the third best selling franchise of all time (After Mario and Pokemon).

    To be honest I find the Zelda series mundane and boring, but people constantly claim Ocarina of Time is the greatest game of all time, so I guess there won’t ever be a list where everyone is happy. But it kills me on the inside to know that this list is going to be published in the Guinness World Records.

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