The Week In Games [Updated]

The Week In Games [Updated]

Oh look, there’s a new Gears of War out this week. That kinda sneaked up on us, didn’t it!

I’m lying.

That screenshot is actually from Lost Planet 2, Capcom’s co-op shooter that just happens to feature your favourite Cogs, Marcus and Dom, as unlockable characters.

And that, my friends, is the highlight of the week. Unless you like skateboarding.

UPDATE: Wait! Namco Bandai has just confirmed that quirky PS3 action-RPG 3D Dot Game Heroes has crept up a few weeks and is expected to be in stores this Thursday. Looks like there’s something worth getting excited about, after all.

Who’s saving their money for next week?

New releases for the w/c May 10:

3D Dot Game Heroes (PS3)
What Is It? A classical action-RPG presented in a wonderfully unusual “pixel art but in 3D” visual style.
Should You Care? It’s basically an homage to A Linkn to the Past, so any Zelda fan should check it out.

Lost Planet 2 (360, PS3)
What Is It? Third-person shooter that is at its best in its four-player co-op mode.
Should You Care? That depends on whether you have three online friends who’ve also bought the game.

Skate 3 (360, PS3)
What Is It? Third in EA’s really quite good skateboarding sim series.
Should You Care? And now, in the wake of Tony Hawk’s decline, the clear genre leader.

Spellbound 2 (DS)
What Is It? A sequel to a puzzle game about words. (I know nothing about it, to be honest.)
Should You Care? Apparently the first one was terrible, so you’ve been warned!

Next week looks far more enticing. Keep an eye out for Red Dead Redemption, Alan Wake, ModNation Racers, a new Prince of Persia and Split/Second.


  • My money is all on next week. Going to have to stagger RDR’s purchase later than Alan Wake so that I give it ample time and attention. Open world games tend to just drag me into random crap and I can be lost for weeks 🙁

  • I have only heard disappointing things about Lost Planet 2 and i am not really into Skateboarding so i am going to be saving my money up for next week when i plan to get Alan Wake and Red Dead Redemption first day.

    • Silly duffer!

      But Dave, as you guessed it for the majority, saving the pennies for next week! Be the most i’ve spent in one week since, gosh i couldn’t tell you.

      I did buy MW2 and Assassin’s Creed II around the same time. Then Borderlands and ODST were roughly a month apart. Other than that, i tend to ensure that if i’m buying more than 1 game really close together, a week for example, they have to be worth it.

      I’ve suffered before, especially when NOT buying from EB and you can’t abuse their 7 day Return. I may have to do so with either Alan or Red Dead – but i don’t see myself returning neither anytime soon. I may give Alan a week before i buy however – give Red Dead Multiplayer some TLC.

  • Skate 3 tomorrow! Have destroyed the demo several times, including glitching out of the demo boundary, and am really looking forward to the complete game.

    Have also gotten a bit of mileage out of the Split Second demo, so will pick up the full version of that next week. I’ll probably try to rent Alan Wake, as I buy too many games, would only rent Prince of Persia, as I got burnt by the last game, modNation racers looks interesting too… maybe a rental.

  • Viva la next week!

    I’ve already paid for my pre-orders of Red Dead and Wake, and confirmed leave for Thursday and Friday.

  • I’ve been hanging out for Skate 3. But with only getting Super Street Fighter IV (and a new Stick) , BF:BC, Modern Warfare 2 in the last 4 weeks I think I might be able to hold out.

    Haven’t even played Skate 2 in the last 3 weeks and the Skate 3 demo didn’t knock my socks off.

  • The excuse for the price of games has always been “because we’re tied to the European market”, right? So how come I just ordered Lost Planet 2 from the UK for $50 including shipping? Bless you,, and your half-Australian-price games.

    • We are a PAL territory, yes, with historic ties to the European market. An Australian publisher will purchase stock from their European head office. For the most part, they deal in Euros now. As I’ve said many times though, you cannot look at an unfavourable exchange rate one day and say “We’re getting ripped off!” For a start, publishers and retailers cannot go changing a game’s price with every exchange rate fluctuation. But more importantly, there is – whether we like it or not – a higher cost of doing business in Australia.

      Regardless, you got a great deal here. In part thanks to 101CD’s heavy discounting – you actually paid well below the UK RRP – and in part thanks to the fact the Pound is incredibly weak at present.

      • Well the excuse for high prices due to being tied into the European market is flawed.

        Is the recommended retail price $119.95 AUD comparable to the European price. No it is not.

        EB will sell a game on launch day at full RR price $119.95. Yet JB Hifi sells exactly the same game for $74.00 on exactly the same release date.

        Consumers allow retailers to sell at $100+ price points simply because they buy the games at that price. If people only purchased games below $100 the price would have to drop to compete for their sale.

        It worked for music CD sales. The price was heading above $30 for a CD. The laws were changed so CD’s could be imported from cheaper regions. So the prices for CDs fell by approx 30%.

        We need to push for a similar reduction in games pricing as there was for CD’s. All the power is in the consumers hands.

        Just say “NO” to buying games over $100.

        • No, the AU price is not exactly the same as the Euro price, but as I said, there’s more to it than just looking at today’s exchange rate.

          Your example is extreme. Few games carry a $199.95 RRP these days. Most PS3 or 360 games are $99 or $109; all other platforms are even less. I’d love to see where JB has sold a $119 RRP title for $74 on launch day. If they have, they would not be making a cent on those sales. In any case, the RRP is precisely that – a recommendation. The retailer sets the price you pay.

          “Consumers allow retailers to sell at $100+ price points simply because they buy the games at that price. If people only purchased games below $100 the price would have to drop to compete for their sale.” You seem to saying that consumers are happy with the $100 price point, but if they could pay less then they would. Well, yep.

          Changes to the import laws would of course be fantastic to the consumer.

          • During the ‘price war’ that took place over FFXIII between Kmart and BigW on launch, where it fell from the RRP of $119.95, to $94, to $88 and finally $81, not a single person was making money at the retail end.

            Of course, BigW and Kmart have over priced, high margin clothes, shoes and miscellany to sell you to make up for losing money on games (which they do – BigW DO NOT make money on their gaming department).

            JB have TVs and other hifi equipment to sell to make up their margins. But you’ll also have noticed that by and large, JB have stopped selling new release titles at such extreme low prices now. It’s just not a sustainable business plan.

            /on topic: RDR, Alan Wake, 3d Dot Heroes, SMG2, Sin and Punishment, Modnation – what a couple weeks we have in store!!

          • Well the games i have as an example is Modern Warfare 2 was sold on launch day at $74 by JB Hifi. Also Guitar Hero World Tour band kit was $299.95 at launch at EB and i purchased from K Mart $239.95 on the same day.

            Well i have not seen a 360 or PS3 game launched at less than $119.95. Except for the odd occasion when Big W, K Mart and JB Hifi have a lower price. You will have to let us know, i purchase approx half of the games listed in Bargain Hunter.

            My point is for gamers to refuse to pay full recommneded retail price. If people stop paying $119.95 they will have to bring the price down.
            Or lose sales due to peoples pricing concerns.

      • “”As I’ve said many times though, you cannot look at an unfavourable exchange rate one day and say “We’re getting ripped off!” For a start, publishers and retailers cannot go changing a game’s price with every exchange rate fluctuation. But more importantly, there is – whether we like it or not – a higher cost of doing business in Australia.””


        What is one of the reasons why it’s more expensive to do business here? Our Award Wage is alot higher.

        | AU – $14.31 | US – $7.25 | UK – £5.80 |

        I’ve used this example before, but we really aren’t that bad when it comes to prices, certainly I love to buy games under the RRP or look to import from both UK or the US, because our Dollar has been insanely strong over the last year or so.

        Using the above Award Wages, on the RRP prices of games, I used MW2 as the example last year, which had the $10 premium added to it… but generally prices are AU$109, US$49 and UK£49

        MW2 | AU – $119.95 | US – $59.99 | UK – £54.99 |

        So by working it out, an average consumer can purchase a that copy of MW2 in…

        | AU – 8hrs 23mins | US – 8hrs 16mins | UK – 9hrs 29mins |

        So our RRP prices are completely inline with international prices or better, but because our Dollar is so strong, we have the ability to save insane amounts of money if you choose to buy overseas.

        Prices haven’t really gone up that much over these years, alot of PSone games were $99RRP back then, one of the Street Fighter games (on SNES??) went for $149 back in the day also. So yeah, take the good with the bad, we just happen to be in a good patch all round at the moment.

        • Great post mate!

          It’s so funny how people forget (or were just not into gaming, or even alive yet) about the insane prices back in the Mega Drive and Snes days. It didn’t always happen, but there were a few games that would carry prices well above $100. I remember when Mortal Kombat first came out, I wanted to get it for Mega Drive, but it was $149.95 at my local Toyworld. Instead, I got a Gameboy with tetris, and it was less, $99 I think. Then, when the N64 was released, any game that wasn’t a first party title was $119.95 or $129.95. I wanted Turok on day 1 but it was $129.95, so I grabbed Wave Race instead for $99.95…turns out I got the better game 🙂

          But really, apart from these few circumstances, most games have retailed for around $100, so If you haven’t got used to that yet, your either stubborn or too young to know better. Just import if your that worried. I’ve actually found a local importer, they charge a bit more, but they have all the stock here and saves the wait times from overseas. Just google mga-store and you will find it.

  • Skate 3 for me considering I Platinumed the 2nd game.

    What else is next week besides RDR and Alan Wake (which is on my list)

  • Red Dead in 11 sleeps… yeah right like I can sleep at the moment… Can’t wait to get my cowboy on 🙂

    • There was a page on here about western songs to get you in the mood for RDR.

      I swear I’ve had western themes in my head for weeks, and 7two has been showing westerns on the weekends. It’s like destiny itself can’t wait for this game!

    • Thanks Talendra. Namco Bandai has just confirmed that 3D Dot Heroes is expected in stores this Thursday.

      • Damn GAME then… I was about to post the link I read today where it said the 25th (swear it did)… went back to the GAME website and it’s now back to 13th…


  • I wasn’t really paying attention to Gears of War 3…so I actually got fooled by that, hahaha
    I’ve got enough on my plate now, I won’t be buying anything until Super Mario Galaxy 2

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