The Week In Games

The Week In Games

THQ’s simulation of men kicking, punching and cuddling each other is comfortably the biggest release of the week. I don’t understand it, even though – apparently – I’m in it.

The lads over at THQ reckon I’m the spitting image of fighter Dustin Hazelett, pictured above. I reckon we both have facial hair.

That’s about it for my knowledge of UFC, both as a sport and a videogame. So, tell me, UFC fans, why are you buying this game this week?

New releases for the w/c May 24:

Alpha Protocol (360, PS3, PC)
What Is It? Action-RPG in a Mass Effect vein set in a contemporary world of international espionage.
Should You Care? Obsidian fans should be excited. And when was the last time you saw a spy RPG?

Backbreaker (360, PS3)
What Is It? American football sim that lacks the NFL license but boasts procedurla animation system Euphoria, as seen in Red Dead Redemption and GTA IV.
Should You Care? I’m not sure if you do, but regular Kotaku commenter FatShady certainly does.

Blur (360, PS3)
What Is It? Mario Kart with sportscars.
Should You Care? Project Gotham devs Bizarre Creations certainly know how to make a racing game.

No More Heroes 2 (Wii)
What Is It? Follow-up to Suda51’s quite bonkers parody of action game heroes.
Should You Care? This sequel is slightly less bonkers, but turns out to be a better game.

Pure Football (360, PS3)
What Is It? A football game from Ubisoft. I literally know nothing more about this game.
Should You Care? I… uh… erm… have no idea!

Scene It? Twilight (Wii)
What Is It? Trivia game that is playable only twice a day.
Should You Care? Or something like that.

SingStar: The Wiggles (PS2)
What Is It? Karaoke game with songs by The Wiggles. Out this week on PS2 and later this year on PS3.
Should You Care? It’s got “Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car”.

UFC Undisputed 2010 (360, PS3, PSP)
What Is It? Mixed martial arts fighting game that features someone who looks like me.
Should You Care? Apparently you should, but I honestly don’t know why.


  • There is some genuinly funny comments there Dave.

    I might have a look at backbreaker… when I’m done with Alan Wake and Red Dead.

    Anyone else remember the good old days, when vampires were evil, they fed on blood and the couldn’t play baseball in the middle of the freakin day!

  • OMG Singstar: The Wiggles. If it doesn’t have Hot Potato and Wake up Jeff I won’t be getting it 😉

  • Sorry Fatshady – I tried the Backbreaker demo and although it’s good I don’t see it as a purchase… I’ll wait till Madden 11.
    Euphoria engine tackling is amazing but the running motion/controls seemed sluggish…

    • No need to apologise. I am really trying to not get all fanboy about it. I have not played madden for years so the shift to this new presentation is not as much of an issue for me. Also, I had played gridiron in AUS for 6-7 years and the format is much more from the players perspective rather than TV broadcast and i guess I can relate to that easier.

      It is also their(natural Motion’s) very first attempt at doing something that has not been done prior… madden has had 20ish years to get to this point. Not anything against madden, i just try not to compare them as they are both aimed at a different market segment and have both taken a very different artistic direction. I think they can co-exist quite happily.


  • If you’re not already an MMA fan then UFC 2010 probably won’t welcome you with open arms. It really makes no attempt to explain what these moves are and what to use in what situation, you either know or you don’t. I’ll be getting it because apparently the career mode has been revamped, I’ll be happy if it’s not just endless menus now.

  • A mate of mine is going to pick up UFC, and I can’t for the life of me work out why. I’ll look forward to going over to his place and virtually fighting him in a sweaty, sticky arena..

  • Dear Master Wildgoose,

    After close medical examination by Kotaku AU’s Chief Medical Officer (yours truly) I find the similarities between yourself and Dustin “Mc Lovin” Hazelett to be quite remarkable.

    Thank you for bringing this to the attention of the readers.

    Stephan Kold-Labia, CMO

  • Don’t think there is anything really on the horizon that i am looking forward to after a big week last week. Again, i am disappointed that Nintendo Australia couldn’t release Super Mario Galaxy this week or even next week and decided to hold off release till the 1st of July. Oh well there is still plenty of things to do – finish off Red Dead Redemption and Alan Wake and also pick up the DLC for Mass Effect 2 when it comes out soon.

    • On the Horizon as in weeks or months?

      Crackdown 2 is July
      Mafia II is August

      Crackdown is worthy of checking out and Mafia II a purchase.
      Alpha Protocol WAS on the horizon for me, until i recently saw a proper gameplay footage walkthrough and seriously questioned if it was made for Xbox 360 or the original Xbox.

      Mafia II which is still 2 and a half months away, seems to complete the trilogy this year for me. Mass Effect 2, Red Dead Redemption and then Mafia II. It looks like its gonna give Red Dead a run for its money, so far from what i’ve seen, its nailed the era much like Red Dead AND its the Mafia!

      Lego Harry Potter just screams fun – seriously. Metal Gear Solid PSP comes out soon. Naughty Bear looks like fun. Kane and Lynch 2 and Dead Rising 2.
      Starcraft 2 aswell seems to be one of the biggest releases this year, for PC anyway.

      These are all on the horizon ya know…

      • Yeah i did mean in the next few weeks – nothing really stands out – which is a good thing as my wallet can’t keep up 😛 In terms of long off in the distance, sure there are plenty of good quality games that are coming out towards the later half of the year.

  • This week I’m launching my “QVPCIB” of the week. Its the Qumulys Virtual Purchase Cause Im Broke. If bills were not a worry and I had a robot called Nancy to read aloud kotaku for me, I would purchase said game.

    So this weeks QVPCIB goes to UFC Undisputed. I can’t stand blood, I’m against all violence, but somehow I’ve become addicted to watching these goons boof, bash, sock and shoe each other!!??! I’m a complex fellow that even I can’t figure out.

    • QVPCIB: Read ‘Wish List’
      I’d like to take a look at Alpha Protocol, but I feel the need to finish Red Dead and Alan Wake first.

  • Definitely getting No More Heroes 2 (with the free T-shirt from GAME) as the original game was awesome.

    I’ll look into Alpha Protocol (as it does seem interesting), UFC Undisputed 2010 (as I did like the demo) and Blur (enjoyed the beta).

  • David you need to post up a pic to compare!
    Plus, I used to get you and Dan Toose mixed up because both of you start with a “Da” and end with “oose”

    • I once got David Wildgoose mixed up with an actual wild goose, I was convinced I was looking at someone with 16 years of video game journalism experience, probing it about why Mass Effect never came to the PS3. But upon closer inspection it was actually just a goose. The fact that it was 1 foot tall and swimming in a pond should probably have tipped me off, but you can never be too certain.

      Badum tish……

  • Heh UFC has to be the most un-screenshottable game of all time, coming this week – Two burly dudes cuddle on a gym mat.

    Spose it can’t be helped, thats what the sport looks like.

  • I’ve loved Bizarre Creations’ racing games since MSR, but I don’t know about Blur. I’ll have to play a demo before I’m convinced, I just don’t really get into ‘silly’ racing games with powerups etc.

    • Not quite “this week”, but Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney came out on iPhone on Friday for $6. Even though I own the series on DS I cbf finding my DS to play them again, so just bought it…

  • 100% Agree with you David.

    UFC perplexes me. It’s so… uninteresting to watch. Every match is the same – they throw one or two crappy punches or half-assed kicks, and then proceed to roll around trying to plant their faces in each other’s crotches

  • No More Heroes 2 & Alpha Protocol are on the want list…

    The Wiggles were also going to be there, but with a PS3 release later in the year, then I’ll be waiting for that…

  • i think its funny how many ppl here are mocking ufc even thow mma is the fastest growing sport in the world and when it came to sydney it sold out in under an hour! but hay im sure u guys know what ur talking about with all ur experience in mma! bring this game on i say!

  • I’ve gotten into MMA recently because of the following

    1. The fights are real and very brutal
    2. The fights can and do end at any moment and are not scripted like the WWE
    3. The fighters train for months and months for each fight, it has massive build up.

    It’s the only PPV event i would ever pay for i have discovered, which surprises even me.

    Also Dave, you had split second as coming out last week in the weekly games update but it didn’t make it. Has it been delayed and if so until when?

  • I did say that I was likely the only one in Australian keen for this game (backbreaker) but I did find another 5-6 guys but that is about it.

    Thanks for the mention David. And if you are interested in the game. Pick up the demo and all I will say is try the training camp first a few times before the rest of the game. It is a big change(better or worse) than other gridiron games.
    Thx again K. Nice to know if you scream loud enough about a game you get noticed. Cheers.

      • **don’t shoot the messenger**…. deep breath. …
        Ok thanks. This delay I am assuming is from 27th May to June 1st has been announced a couple of weeks ago in the states so I was just waiting for confirmation here. Can you just confirm the new release date in AUS please.
        Oh yeah. I have a young kid who wanted a bottle hence the 3 am question. Lol.

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