The World United As I Played Mass Effect 2

On Sunday, May 2, at 11am Eastern Time, I was playing Mass Effect 2. My wife took a photo. At the same time, around the world, more than 10,000 of other people snapped photos too. This is what they were doing:

In Hawley, Pennsylvania, one person was solving a Lost jigsaw puzzle:

In Las Vegas, Nevada, a homeless man stood with his possessions:

In Santa Barbara, people prepared a makeshift beach memorial for American soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan:

In Hanoi, Vietnam, men were breakdancing:

In Kaski, Nepal, a Toyota SUV went on sale:

And there I was, in Brooklyn, playing Mass Effect 2:

These shots were all taken on the same minute as part of a project commissioned by the New York Times Lens blog. Today, the Times launched an interactive globe that allows you to find all the photos taken in that minute, including the ones you see above. Check it out.

(You can find my photo in the "play" section, amid the stack of photos taken in New York)

The Moment You've Waited For [New York Times Lens Blog]


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