There's A New Mario In Town


    Even more angry that Nintendo Australia decided to release this so late. *Shakes Fist*

      What's even more annoying is that Europe, which shares the same PAL codes, is getting it WAY earlier than we are. And here I thought Australian and European games were released at the same time.

      Oh well. I'm sure Shintokyo will stock up on SMG2 when the Europe release comes out. Yay Shintokyo~

    Nooooooo! It'll still be the best game ever for me. Although if there's any game more deserving of this then OoT it's Galaxy 2

    Is it wrong for me as a 360 and PS3 owner to want to but a Wii just for the Mario games?

    I think the GameTrailers review says it best (paraphrasing here):

    "If you think a good game is all about cut scenes and dialog, look elsewhere. But if you think good games are all about what makes games so unique as a medium, game play, then Mario is for you"

      That's not wrong at all. I only have my wii for the Nintendo exclusives. And No More Heroes, of course.

    *buy a Wii

    GTA4 was also the best game of all time for a couple of weeks. . . until more reviews started trickling in.
    Same will happen to Mario.

      Yeah, this is the most accurate comment I've seen (you can add MW2, Brütal Legend, ACII and basically every game which people rave about in the first week). Doesn't mean it's not very good, just that people get rather excited when the game is newly out.

    The most concerning part of that list is the Xbox 360 version of The Orange Box being higher than the PC version.

    Nothing, and I mean nothing, will ever supplant Ocarina of Time as the best video game of all time. Statistics can be made to lie.

      That seems a bit pessimistic. I'd like to think that there's always more greatness to come.

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