These Golden Books Are Not For Children

Most, if not all of you, will at some stage of your life been read to from a Golden Book. They're a childhood staple. But what if there were Golden Books that, uh, weren't exactly suitable for the little ones?

They'd look like these! Josh Cooley, an artist at Pixar, has been whipping these up in his spare time for the past two years, and they're amazing. Most are pretty self-explanatory - and if I have to tell you the movie, you won't get the joke - but if you're finding yourself lost by most of them, you might want to catch up on your 70's movies. Maybe start with Apocalypse Now and The Graduate.

COOLEY! [Josh Cooley, via Super Punch]


    Everyone from Pixar just produces all kinds of awesome, even when they aren't getting paid to do so evidently. So cool.

    Haha! Brilliant! The Godfather ones were great.

    Is it wrong to want these as much as I do? I'd pay for any of these... particularly Silence of the Lambs. But I gotta ask... where's Cannibal Holocaust? The ultimate bedtime story...

    Every time you guys have something movie related, it is amazing. This... is amazing.

    This might be the best thing ever commited to paper.

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