These Halo: Reach Problems Are Being Fixed

These Halo: Reach Problems Are Being Fixed

While the Halo: Reach beta is largely a blast, not everything is perfect. Thankfully Bungie knows this, and is letting us know the things that will be fixed by the time the final game rolls around.

Things like FLAG TAKEN…FLAG DROPPED…FLAG TAKEN…etc, etc. It’s annoying as hell, but has “already been fixed for fall”. So too has a loophole on the Stockpile map that allows people to deliberately ruin games by messing with their own flag collections, along with isolated cases of graphical corruption .

Even some things that were design choices, and not glitches, are being re-tooled, like the game’s reticules – which people think are to transparent – along with the amount of damage a frag grenade dishes out and an improved method for detecting where you’re taking fire from.

[Bungie, via IGN]


  • Invasion has some glitch where if someone leaves or the connection fails and reconnects (black screen with the list of players which is all but familiar to every Halo gamer) and then if you are up to the Second round or even the third where you carry the Core – it will think the game has restarted.

    So you respawn, if the Elites, at the back of the map and even the voice-over thinks the game has restarted. You can’t change your respawn location as the Elites. Not too sure if the Spartans can – i did see a few walking from the back of the map, into the firefight – but i’ve only experienced this as an Elite.

    So far only in Invasion though.

  • i had a glitch in invasion after the black screen where spartans could spawn but if they walked around they would die. anything other than the place you spawn was a killzone

  • spelling error:
    ‘which people think are to transparent’

    should be ‘too’

    and yes i am a smart ass

  • Damn this is an old story, don’t know if anyone will read this, but I have noticed a couple glitches too.
    An invasion game where elites spawned with assault rifles. Also poor detection of where to spawn when spawning near a team-mate. More than once I have spawned over the side of a cliff and immediately fell to my death and once spawned in a crawl space between a wire fence and the ship and was unable to suicide or get out.

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