These Images Might Be Different

These Images Might Be Different

Anime Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance is being released with “adjustments” on DVD and Blu-ray as Evangelion: 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance. What kind of adjustments?

Pictured is Evangelion pilot Mari Illustrious Makinami. The top image is from the original version, while the bottom one is from the “enhanced” version. So difficult! Wish I could skirt out the difference! I guess one image has Japanese subtitles and is higher quality…

You Can (Not) Advance is the second in a series of four films that are a reworking of the original, classic anime Neon Genesis Evangelion.

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  • Yay, watched 1.0 when it was in the video store, now I’m going to have to continue going down to blockbuster with hopes of them stocking it on their shelves.

    Also, hoping that they have the Blu-Ray version, cause god I love 1080p. (The Halo anime looked sexy in full HD).

    • Methinks that would be the entire purpose of this “Illustrious” character. By which I mean fanservice.

      However, her face in the “enhancement” doesn’t have the appeal of the original.
      Such is the way of life. You gain some, and you lose some. I just wish Gainax could do the “gain some” bit better than the “lose some”.

      Oh,BTW IMO, Face>Butt in teh sexeh.

  • Skirt shortened for our enjoyment. As long as it doesn’t show pantsu, I don’t see why it matter whether it’s short or not. We’re not in the 50’s anymore where seeing knees is erotic.

  • Oh thank god! They’re finally releasing the next set, I cant wait! I only have the first 1.01 and thats all I have seen.

  • I actually like the face in the bottom one a lot less; I don’t know if it’s just the angle, but it doesn’t look as nice.

    Oh, and the enhanced skirt definition. That’s pretty nifty.

  • Can’t wait for this movie. Has been a long time since the first movie was released in Australia. I got one of the Red Ant dvds before they went out of business and Madman gained the rights. So annoying how we always get everything so much later than other regions 🙁

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