These Nintendo Games Have Sold Over 20 Million Copies

Since the launch of both the DS and Wii, five games published by Nintendo have sold more than twenty million copies. Can you guess which ones?

If you said Brain Age, you're close (18 million), but wrong. Mario Kart DS? Close again, at 17.9 million, but just as wrong. No, the five games to reach this amazing milestone are:

Wii Play - 27,380,000 Nintendogs - 23,260,000 Wii Fit - 22,610,000 Mario Kart Wii - 22,550,000 New Super Mario Bros. Wii - 22,490,000

You can write off Wii Play's sales as being heavily influenced by the inclusion of a controller. And Nintendogs because there were multiple variants. But the others? No getting around the fact they make even Modern Warfare look like a flop.


    NSMBW is pretty impressive considering the short market timeframe. IMHO, wii fit isn't a game, it's an app.

      And what would you classify an "app" as then? What other "apps" are there on the Wii?

      Wii Fit is a game.

        Wii Fit is two games, if they are combining franchise sales but at a much higher unit cost- say averaging AUS$80 per unit if people bought both- thats mindblowing.

        NSMBW is insane tho- thats over 3.6million per month since release. We will have a new King of Games by Christmas. And not a jot of online multiplayer... but it has been a long time since the Big N needed to listen to Gaijin marketing peeps in suits...

    Remembering Mario Kart Wii has been out for several years longer than New Super Mario Brothers, which has barely been out for six months, makes the sales even more impressive.

    what a bunch of suckers we are. kart DS trounces wii and there's way more DSs sold. yet somehow kart DS loses out in sales.
    so reggie won on his promise that nsmw would beat modern warfare 2 right?

    Wii Play – 27,380,000
    Nintendogs – 23,260,000

    brb killing self D;

    I think... 19,000,000 of the wii play sales were for the remote :P

    Is this world wide? If so Aussies got Wii Sports free with the Wii, does that count as a purchase?

      As far as I know yes and yes; hopefully the Wild Goose will correct me if I'm wrong.

    People buy Wii Play because its bundled with a remote - its an outlier for a reason.

    I think this is a misprint. Don't you mean New Super Mario Bros DS? I think the Wii version has only sold approximately 14 million so far. I know this because on vgchartz (which is only approximate figures) there is an ongoing argument of who will win between NSMBWii and MW2, which is about 17 million.

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