This Could Be The Best Call Of Duty: Black Ops Trade Ever

You know who's a huge and vocal fan of Call of Duty? NFL wide receiver Chad Ochocinco. In fact, if you can get him a copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops early, he'll give you season tickets.

Ochocinco has already begun begging for a pre-release copy of the game, hitting up Black Ops developer Treyarch's community manager Josh Olin for the game. "I will get you season tickets to all the home games, just send me a copy, thank you I appreciate it," the NFL star tweeted, which could be an open bounty.

After all, he's hitting up Olin's equal at Infinity Ward, Robert Bowling, for a copy too, offering this justification.

"Can I get my copy of the new Call of Duty early since I'm the best at it anyway?" he pleaded.

I'm betting Ochocinco's going to want it early-early, not just when it ships to warehouses days in advance. Anyone up for a trade?

Thanks, JM!


    haha that is hilarious!

    Black Ops is going to be the best call of duty yet. At least in my opinion. I hope that they keep the AK-47 in the new call of duty. Its the best gun in the call of duty series yet.

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