This Guy Owns A Game Company, Now He Wants To Buy Liverpool FC

This Guy Owns A Game Company, Now He Wants To Buy Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC is one of the world’s oldest, proudest and most successful sporting teams. It’s also on the shopping list of a Chinese video gaming giant.

Zhu Jun is founder of The9, the online gaming provider that used to operate World of Warcraft in China, and now holds a majority stake in Red 5 Studios.

The guy oozes money, and like many other men who ooze money, he’s got an itch to spend some on a big-name sporting team. Though Jun already owns Chinese club Shanghai Shenhua, he’s currently in talks to buy Liverpool, which was recently put up for sale by current owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett.

In a weird twist, if successful, 44 year-old Jun would become the first owner of the team to have actually played against them, exerting his influence during a 2007 match between Shenhua and Liverpool to get himself on the pitch for five minutes.

Chinese gaming tycoon holds takeover talks with Liverpool [The Independent]


  • @kearneybobs I’ll name you a few, Jose Reina, Peter Crouch, Xabi Alonso, Jamie Carragher (even if he has gone downhill this season), even Stevie G has improved since Benitez came…now how much of that improvement is actually down to Rafa tho is debatable…

    I for one would rather see new owners before a new manager but if new owners come in and sack rafa then I will have no qualms…Who ever buys the club (gaming mogul or no) needs to guarantee they will eliminate all debt and buld the new stadium, if they can do that i dont care who they are of where they are from.

  • Wigan’s Dave Whelan (after whom their DW Stadium is named) was a footballer for Blackburn many moons ago, and used the compensation money from his career-ending injury to invest in sports retail shops, snowballing into the UK’s biggest chain and eventually sports teams themselves.

    Of course Wigan were not a Football League team at the time he was playing, but still.

    Also, I wouldnt be surprised if a certain Mr Beckham invests some of his Pepsi, Gillette, adidas and whatever-else money into franchises-slash-clubs on either side of the pond.

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