This Schoolgirl Is Good At Drumming

Senri Kawaguchi (in the pink shirt) is a 13-year-old junior high school student. But that's not all.

She's also a drumming whiz. She's been drumming since she was a kid (I know, she's still a kid), and most of her vids on her site are of her doing the drumming parts for songs from schoolgirl rocker anime K-On!! and K-On!. She got into the anime last winter.

But before you think she's some kind of one-trick pony, check out her drumming jazz standard Night In Tunsia at a Shibuya club. She's a talented drummer!

SEGA has recently revealed that it is working on a K-On! video game.

There are many young drummers, yes. (This child certainly is a favourite!) But I'm not sure how many of them are schoolgirls drumming schoolgirl anime songs.

Thanks Alice for the drumming 3 year-old! [Pic]


    I envy these kid instrumental whizzes.

    Dumb as K-On is, kids like it a lot and it has really done good things for them. I see so many kids getting into music that isn't their usual brass band club or shitty J-pop stuff. Music with actual content.

    If it gets kids really LISTENING to music, then I'm a fan of it. Even if it is a cutesy, slice-of-life anime about a 15 year old moron.

    Please, don't put a picture of a Gundam near anything about K-on. It's just plain disrespectful.

    As a fellow drummer, I'm impressed.

    I wish I had learnt a less complicated instrument. Makes life so much easier.

    Is that first one a good example of the music on K-On!? that singer was doing horrible unpleasent things to my ears.

    That kids got skills though, even the drums on rock band intimidate me.

    I've been following her for a while on YouTube.
    Her K-On covers are fantastic, but its a shame she hasn't posted more stuff where she's playing with bands at pub/clubs. I particularly like the first video she posted with NOKEMONO.
    Her YouTube page:

    Also check out this girl

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