Thrustmaster's Ultimate Cockpit

Not one to be outdone, well by no one at this point, peripheral kings Thrustmaster will start selling a $US250 replica of a Ferrarri 430 Scuderia in June for use with PC and PS3 games. The only thing that the fold-up cockpit is missing is the... cockpit. But hey, nice wheel and pedals.


    Two feet! Nooob!

      ...thats actually how the Pros drive... well pro WRC drivers anyway, not sure about those circuit pansys

      Left foot braking is reasonably common in motorsports, especially so if the driver started out in Karts.

    But I want his completely wireless PS3, TV.. they can keep the wheel, the main shaft looks unstable. Will be keen to see a review though.

    brought to u by ikea?

    all the furniture bar the armchair (that i am not aware of) is from ikea ^_^'

    THRUSTmaster's ultimate COCKpit? Seriously?

    My immaturity says that's a bad name.

    thats not a cockpit

    This is a cockpit

    and only SRP of $289 USD

    They call my cockpit the thrustmaster too...


    But really - that's not all that impressive. Home built ones always win out in my eyes

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