Time For A World Of Warcraft Freakout

Take one World of Warcraft account. One changed password. And a very, very angry fat man. Hijinks ensue.

There are bad words as well as a slur, spilling out of the pie hole of this angry fat man. You have been warned.

Of course, this might be fake, staged or both. It's not nearly as bizarre as that rather disturbing (and perhaps totally phony!) freakout from last year. In case you missed that, here is the amazing Japanese remix.

How to utterly enrage a WoW geek [I Heart Chaos]


    It was originally posted on break.com, they actually won $600 for this crap. So yea its fake.

    I would of called fake anyway, the bloke in the forground is pissing himself laughing and the fat bloke doesn't even turn to him? I mean come on!

    I didn't really like it. I think the ones on youtube of kids raging are funnier. This is just a grown man yelling a single obscenity.

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