Too Much Creative Freedom Coming To The Sims 3

Too Much Creative Freedom Coming To The Sims 3

The Sims 3 is scoring a free pattern tool this winter that will allow players to take a perfectly lovely Sim house and plaster the walls with the vilest images their twisted hearts’ desire.

Yes, in a couple of months the player marketplace becomes a minefield as EA gives players the power to create and edit their own patterns in The Sims 3. Players will be able to plaster their own original patterns all over walls, furniture, clothing, floors and more, meaning no surface is safe from the sort of things you find by doing an unrestricted Google image search for “puppy love”.

Oh I’m sure that many users will use this power productively and within safe moral constraints. I was mainly warning you folks not to download anything off The Sims 3 Exchange from me. Such plans I have. Such diabolical plans.


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