Torchlight Sells Half A Million

Torchlight Sells Half A Million

We’d always thought Torchlight, the game that many have generously labelled as simply being inspired by Diablo, had been a cult hit for developers Runic. Thing is, 500,000 copies sold isn’t a cult hit. It’s a hit.

The developers sent word yesterday that the game had passed the half a million sales milestone, helped along no doubt by a retail release earlier this year (it had previously been downloadable-only), as well as distribution in Europe.

Well played, Runic. The game thoroughly deserves it, and with a Mac release imminent, things are only looking up for both the game and the developer.


  • I think this game did a great deal to remind me of what was fun about the Diablo games with some very interesting new mechanics to spice things up. I look forward to Runic’s future developments, they seem to have hit on the right mix of fun and addiction.

    To me, going back and playing Diablo II now feels a bit bland because I’ve seen more can be done wiht the concept. That’s a very good job.

  • That is AWESOME news!

    Good to see that the high speed data revolution has fulfilled on the promises in regard to indie games. Small teams with great ideas and a dedicated ideology can be just as successful as teams working under mammoth companies. Financial clout isn’t the barrier it once was and we are seeing some amazing results both here and in other games.

  • Huh. I’ve never been a fan of Diablo-style games (although I did enjoy Record of Lodoss War on the Dreamcast, partly because I’m a fan of the anime) but given all I’ve heard about this game now (and how cheap it is on Steam) I may actually have to try it.

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