Total War Ditches Gunpowder, Returns To Japan?

Total War Ditches Gunpowder, Returns To Japan?

Sega has been teasing the release of an all-new Total War game for the last week or so, with a full reveal set for E3. Looks like their cover may have been blown by some sloppy pre-show organisation, however.

Booking some press visits for the upcoming trade event, Turkish site Oyungezer says it was pencilled in by Sega Europe for a 2:30pm appointment to talk about Shogun 2: Total War. A game that, as of May 2010, does not exist in the public consciousness.

Many people had hoped for this ever since Creative Assembly said it was “returning to its roots” with the next Total War, and they’ll no doubt be as happy with a remake of Shogun as they were with the excellent remake of Medieval: Total War.

Me, though, I can’t help but feel a little disappointed. I really dig the gunpowder combat (not the type found in Shogun and Medieval, proper guns) and global trade in Empire, and was hoping the next full game would build on this and present us with a Victorian-era title, complete with British Empire, American Civil War and the Franco-Prussian tussle. Guess not!

OGZ Online Özel Haber: Shogun 2 Total War Geliyor! [Oyungezer]


  • Empire Total war was the first TW game I have played, It was a great game for me. Napoleon TW was good too but it did not have the grand campaign which made less favorable.

    I too was hoping for somthing Victorian era but I suppose Shogun 2 will do. I hope it has improved upon E:TW and N:TW and the older ones.

  • I’m glad they’re going back in time.
    Creative Assembly generally listen to their fans as to which way to swing the scope.

  • I am not up to speed on my history but I thought that there was a large amount of trade along the silk road etc that could work really well in a total war game.

    I would love to see them do a WWII total war like hearts of iron though, even WWI would be cool.

  • Personally I loved Shogun, and will love a remake. All you gotta do to make it more like Empire is include the rest of Asia- Japan invaded Korea in the 1600’s? So after the Sengoku Jidai just keep the wars going….

  • I think Rome was the best total war by far and I didn’t enjoy Medieval 2. A Total War game set in WW1 or near by would be interesting but I don’t think guns have a real place in TW games. Getting in close and personal with your troops is what I enjoyed the most, so going back in time sounds like a good thing.

  • YESSSS!!!!! Finally they are making Shogun 2!!!!
    And you all know what this means… ROME Total War 2 is next!!!! After they finish making Shogun 2 of course!

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