Turning Executive Mistakes Into Art

Heeeeeeeeeey, guess what. Video game executives, whether on purpose or not, fib. And they do it all the time. What's important is not to get upset! You need to get constructive, and turn those fibs into works of art.

These fake propoganda posters, put together by Brian Altano and Brian Miggels for IGN, take some of the best-known tall tales - and overly creative executive boasts - from recent history and immortalise them in Soviet-era placards.

Fittingly, Peter Moore, formerly of Sega, formerly of Microsoft and currently of EA Sports, is the only man to feature twice. And they didn't even have to mention tattoos.

The People Who Make Videogames Are Lying To You [IGN]


    I want to disagree with the RPG one... but it's so frighteningly accurate.

    The Nintendo one about Online Gaming can be easily taken out of context with appending the date of the quote. A decade ago that stance is justified. Today, less so.

    LOL @ the Online Games one... did he not hear about MW2's launch?

    Sometimes I question executives intelligence and how they landed their job.

    Oh Cliffi B, such a lie...

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