Twisted Metal 2 Accidentally Confirmed?

Twisted Metal 2 Accidentally Confirmed?

During the latest episode of Bonus Round, analyst supreme Michael Pachter may have accidentally let the cat out of the bag about Playstation 3 racer Twisted Metal 2. The analyst mentioned the game while talking about solid games coming to the PS3 that don’t have Move support. David Jaffe says via Twitter it was a joke. Damage control?


  • Twisted Metal 2 was already made (see World Tour). Not only that, the series isn’t a racer. Im hoping for news on a new Twisted Metal for PS3 though. Loved that series.

  • I remember on a Bonus Round about a whole year ago, Jaffe was on it and it was also hinted that Twisted Metal 2 was being developed, so i guess this is just confirmation.

  • A little off topic, but David Jaffe should have been the director of God of War 3. He was the director of the first game, and that turned out to be awesome. Then Cory just took his ideas and improved on them. Then they gave the directors role to this guy, Stig Ammusen, and he did nothing with it. He just gave the game a HD makeover and recycled all the ideas from GOW2.

    Granted all GOW games are trying to be the same game Jaffe made, but at least GOW 2 had some good ideas and tried some new things. GOW 3 tried nothing. It’s a huge disappointment for me.

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