Two Of 1995’s Biggest Flops Join Forces

Two Of 1995’s Biggest Flops Join Forces

Adapting a bomb of a movie for a bomb of a games platform … the result is probably twice of a bomb. Posted to Twitpic by Mike Drucker, seen via Reddit.


  • @Michael Barnes That’s not ironic at all. It’s the opposite of irony if anything. I think you mean coincidence.

  • This kind of thing was in a Simpsons episode:

    Milhouse is at Noiseland arcade, and he’s putting the last of 40 quarters in to get a turn at playing Waterworld: the Arcade game. He does so, the game begins, he takes a step: Game over. Please insert 40 quarters. “What a gyp,” he yells, before continuing to pay the 40 quarters 😛

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