Uncharted Developers Working On Killzone 3

Uncharted Developers Working On Killzone 3

Naughty Dog, the studio responsible for the Uncharted series, doesn’t just do Nathan Drake and sexy ladies. It’s also lending a helping hand on upcoming shooter Killzone 3.

Members of Naughty Dog have been helping Killzone devs Guerilla Games with the game’s “graphics engine”. Strange, you may think, since Killzone 2 looked amazing. But then, Killzone 2 was set mostly amidst ruined buildings and ruined streets. The third game has a ton of snow in it, and since Uncharted 2’s snow was so great, maybe that’s what Naughty Dog is assisting with.

That or the Helghast are all going to be sporting half-tucked uniforms.

Naughty Dog working on Killzone 3 – report [CVG]


  • Uncharted 2 visuals+3D+Awesomeness of killzone 2= eye-gasms


    good choice, though even then the ps3 still hasnt maximised its ability yet

  • Killzone 2 — looked amazing?

    I didn’t like the browns and greys, multiple hues of brown and grey. The only somewhat nice looking level was the ship with the pulsating blue.

    But if they can make it look as good as UC2…awesome (the mind boggles)

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