$US500 Later, We Have Another Aliens Vs Predator Movie

$US500 Later, We Have Another Aliens Vs Predator Movie

Alex Popov has spent $US500 and the past two years of his spare time making this fan film set in the Aliens vs Predator universe.

It won’t win any Academy Awards, and in parts the effects are quite shonky, but for a small team (Popov had a little help with some of the computer graphics) and $US500, it’s funny how it’s more entertaining – and more faithful to the source material – than either of the actual Hollywood Aliens vs Predator flicks.


  • The first AvP movie was awesome. The second one wasn’t that great but was still entertaining. The game (the latest one) sucked.

    • Could you do me a favour and ask me how AvP wasn’t a failure on every level? I mean… it was never going to be award winning, but the acting was average at best (not that the actors had a lot to work with), the script was god-awful, the story made no sense in any of the universes (or in general), the creature effects were ugly, the predators were fat and slow and the Aliens went from face-hugger to fully grown in about 10 minutes plot time. The direction was signature W.S. Anderson work, who has made ONE competent movie in his entire career (and this wasn’t it).

      I like turning off my brain and watching stupid violent junk as muuch as the next guy, but I’ve seen straight to video horror better than that.

      *sigh* Everyone get off my lawn, I guess.

      • I disagree, I’m with Dire Wolf. Well maybe not awesome, but it was an entertaining action movie. I mean I wasn’t expecting anything great which may be why I liked it. It certainly wasn’t up to the standard of the Alien movies, but thinking about it, the Predator movies weren’t really all that good either. They were pretty much brainless action movies and I think the first AvP movie wasn’t too bad in comparison. The second however had incredibly bland characters and horrible writing.

  • Impressive, but like all indie films, the price tag is BS, anyone can make a film for $500 if you don’t count any equipment costs or time or lost income and use pirated software or don’t count the software costs. Kudos though, this looks like a *lot* of work.

  • I think 20th Century fox should probably hire this guy for the inevitable threequel that will happen… hell if he can do that for $500 imagine what he could do for the $40-60 million that they piled into the first two.
    He certainly couldn’t make one worse…

  • That was incredible!! I don’t care if he had $2000, $20000, that movie engaged me like no other AVP before. Sure, he ripped off the original movie score, but it still managed to draw me into the universe like Aliens did. I hope this gets the attention of some influential people because I would love to see where this would go if it was feature length.

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