Valve: PS3 Is Like A GameCube

I've seen the PlayStation 3 compared to a lot of things in my lifetime, from a grill to a brick and everything in between. But a GameCube? That's new.

In an interview with 5BY5, Valve boss Gabe Newell has spoken of his company's decision to release online gaming platform Steam for the Mac and why that makes sense, but releasing games for the PS3 does not.

This hate-hate relationship has gone beyond mere entertainment for the fanboys in the peanut gallery. It's getting more useful just as a guide to how much money Valve makes, when it can afford to not just abandon a platform to the wind, but delight publicly in doing so.

Episode 16 [5BY5, via VG247]


    Well I guess it just shows that Valve are just interested in money, and not progressing as a development company. I'm not bothered by missing out on Left for Dead (zombies? is that the height of your creative talent), but it will be a sad day if there's no Portal 2.

    I guess they don't want to tarnish there reputation by releasing a game that can't stand up to the existing PS3 technical standards.

      I hope you're trolling... you are the epitome of PS3 fanboy.

      really your holding PS3 games up as better than Valve games? fuck the PS3 is devoid of more than 10 good games and its a platform! not a publisher

      So not putting your product on another leading platforms says you only want money?
      Hmm when that actually makes sense, maybe we can be friends?

      Valve have plenty of money to throw away and they can easily throw away their money into developing for the PS3 if it is that little bit more pricier, but they ain't - doesn't mean they're cheap.

      I do agree, they could really do with releasing or building a new engine that doesn't look so dated. But Left 4 Dead 2 still looked pretty good with the tweaking they did. I compare it to COD4 & MW2. MW2 introduced more daylight environments and the world looked even better than COD4. L4D2 did sorta the same thing.

      But seriously 'Bored Now' you come across as a jealous school girl claiming 'no loss' to a company like Valve. And Portal 2? It won't be as great as the first - it will probably still be pretty cool. Multiplayer sounds stupid but could definitely work. But not their greatest input in the industry - so you kinda ARE missing out.

      On a side-note: Does he have a problem with Sony or just the PS3. Would he have behaved this way with the PS2? The PS3 seems to be staying around longer than expected - when will it become 'cool' for him? Not complaining though, I have a 360 to back me up.

        Making a game for the ps3 is like trying to tell a nazi to like the jews, it takes time and is pointless. Besides Xbox360 is made by microsoft, which makes it as easy to make a game for as pc, and about Mac... well a mac is basicly a pc but it costs a lot more and you can't play a lot of games on it :).

      sony fanboy much...

    That is one of the dumbest things anyone's ever said about the PS3 - and that includes Sony exec's.

    Necks are really cheap on E-Bay at the moment.

      edit: mac's are like lots of cheeseburgers, ps3's are not.

    I don't get the comparison? "More open like a Mac than more closed like a GameCube"? What does that mean?

      More open than a closed door rather than a closed door, which went on to make millions with a controller mod and recase.

    It isn't a hate-hate relationship, they aren't trying to be spiteful on purpose. He is just stating facts. PS3 is hard to develop for. Mac is much easier.

    Does he mean 'closed' in relation to the Gamecube's lid, because no one played the thing?

    Open like a Mac? What?

    Hahaha , its funny coz he's fat...

      ^ Comment of the Week!

      Holy shit made me laugh so hard. thanks mate

    i wonder if valve gets some bonsuses from MS for valve games going timed xbox exclusives

    My Gamecube was and still is the best console I have ever owned. My Nes, Snes and Dreamcast be damned! I loved that little portable black box of perfection, I got so many hours of joy out of it..

    How dare he compare the PS3 to the Gamecube, the Gamecube is awesome! And since when is apple open with their stuff?

    Oh schnap!

    That being said, I do find the comparison a little unfair and almost hurtful. There were plenty of amazing games on the Gamecube.

      More than a few amazing games on the PS3, what's your point?

    As a primarily PC/Xbox gamer I find these comments kind of amusing, but I feel that exclusivity only hurts the game industry. So as much fun as I find these comments to be I hope that this does change in the future.

      PC/Xbox? How do you do it? HOw do you live with yourself? Xbox games are realeased on PC too. I mean seriously.

        I don't see how its a problem, I consider which has the better multiplayer when I buy it. Whether I want it on PC for online multiplayer, or Xbox for split screen and co-op.

    "Open like mac"



    At least the gamecube had more than two decent games...

    I have all systems and buy in this order:
    PC, Xbox, PS3, Wii

    I prefer Xbox over PS3 due to the controller and perceived benefit of the Live! service. I prefer PC over Xbox due to the controller (m+keyboard FTW) and mods.

    if every other developer can do it, then this is a stupid excuse, its not hard to optimise as naughty dog and guerilla games have done it, its not hard to carbon copy and make changes as many multiplats have done, and was it EA? who did the port of the orange box? well they managed to get it to work for the console so why cant they?

    Makes sense

    Given that Valve loves to update their games and actually consider their community its only natural they would hate the PS3.

    The PS3 is a little harder to make things for and given all the promises Valve makes (And keeps) they just don't have the time to train (or rehire and then train after the annual mass firing) everyone on their staff in the art of PS3 coding. Which is probably why he's saying it a very closed off from them.

    But by the Same token the 360 doesn't have the physical memory to fit all of the TF2 updates so from the looks the whole console market si getting pretty closed for poor valve.

    I wish they would port l4d2 for wii though =3
    I sure theres alot of sick criminal gamer types who want to really feel the swinging motion when they take a zombies head off with a katana.

    I think the comparison between Mac and PS3 is because Macs are kinda closed, like games consoles, and they are similarly vertically integrated (hardware, operating system and a lot of the software are done by Apple). For these reasons Macs make a lot more sense to compare to games consoles than, say, Windows PCs. However, Macs are significantly more open than games most consoles, because they actually come with all the tools and documentation to start developing for them, without any real barriers. Games consoles do not.

    The Mac vs Gamecube comment is kind of weird though... I think a better comparison would be Mac vs iPhone. That said, despite everyone complaining about the 'closedness' of the iPhone platform, the barriers for entry to iPhone development are still significantly lower than those for any major games console (even X360/XNA).

    I'm guessing that when he says 'open like a mac' he is talking about the programming architecture. Both the GCN and PS3 are reported to be hard to program for, part of the reason why multiplatform releases consistently look better on Xbox 360 over PS3.

    He just can't stop blasting the PS3 can he? We get you don't like it already you fat bas***d!

    hahaha. ok, i love gabe, i love valve and the games they make, i love my pc, i love my 360 and i also love my soon to be purchased ps3... but i seriously has no idea what he means by the "Open like MAC" comparison haha

    give the poor guy a break, he's a genius i say. (huge TF2 fanboy)

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