Valve’s Indie Bundle Is Only Charitable To Your Back Pocket

Valve’s Indie Bundle Is Only Charitable To Your Back Pocket

Never ones to let a bit of charity corner the market for gaming bargains, Valve’s Steam service is now offering the “Steam Play Indie Pack”, which bundles five great games along with ability to play on both Mac and PC.

That means you can buy the games on PC and play them on Mac, or vice versa. Which is probably the main reason it’s gone on sale today of all days, but you can’t help but wonder whether the success of the Wolfire bundle didn’t contribute slightly to the decision.

The five games are “And Yet It Moves”, “Galcon Fusion”, “Osmos”, “World of Goo” and “Machinarium/”, so yeah, it’s a quality pack. Indeed, for $US20 it’d be worth it for those last two games alone.


  • Don’t know if I’ll get this. Machinarium looks pretty good and the other games might be alright but I’ve already bought World Of Goo twice (once from steam and once with the wolfire pack).

    Besides, I’ve got about 12-15 games sitting on my Steam game list Including Torchlight and The Orange Box that I haven’t even played yet.

  • Hrm. Already have World of Goo (thanks to the Humble Indie Games Pack).

    Nice to see Valve is offering something that we know people want (as evidenced by the success of Wolfire and co.). Would be nice if some of the money Valve rakes in from this goes to charity, though. The charity dealie was a large contributing factor to my decision to by the Humble Indie pack.

  • Yeh after the Humble indie bundle i’ll be giving this a miss.

    Besides i’d rather but Machinarium in the hard copy collectors edition

  • Considering the H.I.B offers:

    – PC, Mac AND Linux
    – Already HAS World of Goo
    – Has ability to donate to charity/developers/a mix
    – Can be ANY price from US$0.01 upward

    Valve is kinda outgunned here.

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