Video Game’s Finest Pay Tribute To Artist Frank Frazetta

Video Game’s Finest Pay Tribute To Artist Frank Frazetta

Legendary fantasy artist Frank Frazetta died on Monday. Today, the gaming industry pays tribute with a series of tribute sketches and illustrations posted here, exclusively.

Frazetta’s famous paintings of bad-ass berzerker warriors and the scantily clad women who pose before them set afire many a video game creator’s imagination.

We contacted several studios and creators to see if they would contribute a tribute image to honour Frazetta’s memory. This is what we got, so far. If you make games and want to contribute your own, email [email protected]

Let’s start with a trio of images from Double Fine, the development studio most recently behind the Heavy Metal-loving Brutal Legend. The studio’s art director, Lee Petty, told us: “Frazetta was one of Brütal Legend’s strongest visual influences. He painted epic forms full of tension and energy, clearing the way for future generations of Heavy Metal imagery.” This image is from team artist Levi Ryken is of Brutal Legend’s Ophelia, with Frazetta’s iconic Death Dealer in the back.

The second DoubleFine image was the first submission we received, from Brutal Legend production designer Scott C. We love the attitude here!

And rounding out the Double Fine metal-Frazetta love is this one from Razmig “Raz” Mavlian

Sam Didier, senior art director on StarCraft II over at Blizzard got this entry in. A handsome tribute.

Adam Saltsman

This is the first of two Frazetta tributes we received from Capy Games. Anthony Chan, artist and Capy co-founder, did this one featuring a horde of characters that would do Frazetta proud.

And this is our second Capy Games contribution, from studio artist Tri Vuong who got the beefy guy and hot girl thing down just right.

Indie artist Superbrothers provided us this towering entry and blogged more in depth about his appreciation of Frazetta on the site for his upcoming game Sword & Sworcery.

Finally (for now), we got a verbal tribute of Frazetta from Stephan Martiniere, currently the art director on id software’s RAGE but also a veteran concept illustrator for Star Wars Episodes II and III as well as I Robot and Knowing. The sketch he refers to in his tribute is pictured here:

“I was 10 when my uncle introduced me to Creepy and Eerie magazines. I remember how amazed I was at the beauty of Frank Frazetta’s covers. I was immediately drawn to this dynamic and powerful style. As I was discovering more of Frank Frazetta’s work the creatures and monsters I was doodling started to bend and stretch in extremes and stylised poses. As I grew up and became a professional artist I eventually found my own artistic style, but Frazetta’s influence never really left me. It was obvious to me as I was doing this page for Star Wars Visionary that I am still drawn to these extreme and powerful poses. I will always remain a huge fan of his work.”

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