Voltron Cartoon Producer Has Died

Voltron was an 1980s American reworking of Japanese anime series Dierugger and Go Lion into a single, seemingly seamless program. The mastermind behind Voltron, Peter Keefe, passed away on May 27.

Voltron was a smash hit, becoming the number 1 ranked kids program during the 1984 and 85 seasons. There have been plans for a Voltron movie picture; however, the movie rights for a film are tied up in a legal fight.

The 57-year-old animation producer succumbed to throat cancer. According to the Hollywood Report, Keefe was known for his rich vocabulary, cowboy boots and handlebar mustache. During his career, he produced and sold over 600 half-hours of kid friendly entertainment.

'Voltron' producer Peter Keefe dies [Hollywood Reporter]


    god damn it, its seems like everyone is kicking the bucket this past weekend.

    Wow - first the guy who did Thunder cats dies in mysterious and horrid circumstances then the voltron guy gets it. Considering this on top of the Green Power Ranger turning into a psycho murderer I am wondering how long before people ascociated with He-Man and Astro boy sucumb to something equally bad.

      He's not a psycho murderer? I can't find anything on Google about it.

        It's not the actor who played the actual Green Power Ranger. It is a child actor from 1 episode named "secound chance" the actor is Skylar Deleon. He has the death penalty but I don't know why he is the green one for a small appearance in a flash back.

    It seems it's "Dairugger" rather than "Dierugger"

    First Prime.....then Ultra Magnus....its a pity these Autobots die so easily....after providing so much satisfaction...

    Jimbo, don't jinx us man!!!!
    We also lost Gary Coleman :(

      Carl Macek (writer/producer of Robotech) also died in April.

      So there's the trifecta for 80s cartoons.

        Ok so we have the three cartoon producers but who is the third celebrity.

        Dennis Hopper
        Gary Coleman

        I can already see Tracey Jordan calling Betty White.

    RIP good sir, Voltron was awesome.


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